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Welcome to the Admitted Student Preview Session for the Mathematics Program. Due to the current COVID-19 environment, this presentation has moved entirely online. Please review the information below and join us for an ASP drop-in advising session if you have additional questions.  Information about the sessions is found at the bottom of this page.

If you are looking for information on ACMS, please visit here:

The Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.  The Bachelor of Arts has three options for students to select from.  Learn more about these options at this website. The coursework for these degrees have a strong emphasis on proof-writing and theory.  Students will take classes in subjects like real/complex analysis, topology/geometry and abstract algebra.  These are great degree options for someone who appreciates precision, the rigor of working through problems, communicating and teaching mathematical concepts.

You have probably heard about the three types of majors at UW.  Open majors are programs you can declare at anytime.  Minimum requirements majors are where you must finish prerequisites before declaring.  Capacity-constrained majors, such as Math, have selective admission.  You can learn more about the majors at UW here:

If you are thinking about applying to a capacity constrained major, you will want to focus on completing prerequisites during your freshman year.  You apply to your major during one of the application cycles after you’ve completed those prerequisites.  For BS/BA Mathematics, our admissions process currently uses your UW transcript and a personal statement. 

If you are not admitted, we encourage students to speak with an adviser and evaluate alternative major options.  The alternative major options should include majors that are minimum requirements and open majors since you will need to declare a major by your junior year.

Admissions for the Math Major looks at strong academic performance at UW, especially in MATH courses.  A very common question we get from admitted freshmen is what are my chances of getting in?  For us, this is an impossible question to answer.  Since our admissions committees are looking at your UW coursework, and you don’t have UW coursework yet, we don’t have a lot of information to use for advice.  You were admitted to UW because you’re strong, capable student and we hope that you will continue your academic success at UW.  As you complete more classes at UW each quarter, you can always check in with an adviser to discuss admissions to capacity constrained majors and course planning for the next quarter.

We don’t accept resumes, so we’re not going to count how many extracurriculars you’ve been doing.  What we want to know about is something that was meaningful to you since your time at UW and why.   You will convey this in your personal statement.

We’re going to look for your communication skills and a well written personal statement.

The Math Major admissions process currently uses your UW transcript and a personal statement.  Students should be aware that completing the minimum admission requirements for capacity-constrained majors does not guarantee admission, and it's advised to have an alternative major.

Now we know that you might be trying to weigh your options for where to attend college next year.  We have a few factors we want to point out that might help in that decision-making process:

UW is a large, state university.  Our most successful students are extremely proactive, are not hesitant to ask for help and thrive within a busy campus.  Ask yourself, does your academic background and motivation equip you to excel academically?  Can you do this at the UW while balancing extracurricular activities? Are you excited to ask for help and utilize a variety of resources?

Are you open to exploring majors outside of Math or other related fields?  Our humanities and liberal arts degrees may surprise you with how much quantitative/computing related coursework and research are available.  Non-STEM majors can take a large number of STEM-related coursework to complement their degree program.  There are also minor options, extracurriculars, hackathons, research and internships. Would you be happy being a UW student regardless of your major?

Finally, some of you may have offers at other institutions with direct admission into your top choice major.  You should carefully think about how that program compares to coming to UW as a pre-major.  If you decide to go somewhere else, you can consider doing a summer research opportunity at UW, come do an internship in industry here in Seattle, or consider UW for your graduate studies.


If you still have questions, please join us at one of the designated Admitted Student Preview Day drop-in advising sessions on these days and times,  April 13, 15, and 19, 2021, from 1:30pm to 2:30pm (PST).  There is no presentation at these sessions however advisors are available to answer individual questions. 

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If you have questions, but are unable to join the scheduled Zoom Meetings, please email our office after April 19, 2021, at