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MATH 308 K: Matrix Algebra With Applications

Meeting Time: 
MWF 3:30pm - 4:20pm
RAI 121

Syllabus Description:

Matrix Algebra with Applications
Math 308 D; Spring 2016

Instructor: Debbie Matthews
Office: Padelford C-109
e-mail: (Canvas messaging is preferred. Click inbox in the upper right corner.)
Course Website:
Office Hours: Wednesday 4:30pm-5:30pm, Thursday 10am-11am (These times are tentative for now.)

Text: Linear Algebra with Applications by Jeffrey Holt. You may purchase a hard copy of the text at the bookstore or use the electronic version that comes with Webassign.

Course Content: Math 308 is an introductory course in linear algebra intended for students in engineering, mathematics, and the sciences. Topics will include systems of linear equations, vector spaces, matrices, subspaces, orthogonality, least squares, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and applications.

Grading: Your grade will roughly consist of:
  • Homework 20%
  • Quizzes 20%
  • Midterm 25%
  • Final Exam 35%
I will consider the performance of the entire class when assigning grades and will adjust accordingly to give the fairest grades possible.  A typical median grade for the class is 3.0-3.2 but may vary depending on class performance.

Homework: Homework assignments will mostly be assigned and collected via Webassign. During most weeks, homework will be due at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, but due dates may move to accommodate exams, holidays, and/or extra time to keep homework paced with lectures. WebAssign homework is listed in the schedule below.  I may add extra assignments either in WebAssign or in writing as time allows, especially to give you opportunities to practice doing proofs before exams. I will inform you of any changes. This may include extra credit opportunities.

Exams and Quizzes: You will be allowed to use a scientific calculator and one 8.5x11 sheet of handwritten notes for the exams. Graphing/programmable calculators and other electronic devices will not be allowed (e.g. no cell phones, no laptops, etc). You may not share a calculator or note sheet with another student on an exam. Rules for quizzes may differ from exams and will be determined the week of the quizzes. (For example, I may give a quiz without allowing notes to test you on definitions.)

Exam and Quiz Dates: Dates are listed on the Canvas calendar and can be seen at the bottom of the Syllabus page.

Make-Ups: Extensions and extra submissions on homework will not be given except in extraordinary circumstances. You may miss up to 10% of the total number of homework points during the quarter without penalty to your grade. In the case of observance of religious holidays or participation in university sponsored activities, such as class field trips or athletics, arrangements must be made at least one week in advance for exams. You will be required to provide documentation for your absence. Make-up exams will not be given. If you miss an exam due to unavoidable, compelling, and well-documented circumstances (e.g., illness, transportation emergency), your other quizzes and exams may be weighted more heavily. Contact me immediately if one of these circumstances arises.  If you feel these or any other rules treat your circumstances unfairly, please feel free to talk to me.

Resources for Students with Disabilities: The University of Washington is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodation contact the Disability Services Office at least ten days in advance at: 206-543-6450/V, 206-543-6452/TTY, 206-685-7264 (FAX), or
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Systems of linear equations, vector spaces, matrices, subspaces, orthogonality, least squares, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, applications. For students in engineering, mathematics, and the sciences. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in MATH 126. Offered: AWSpS.
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Natural World (NW)
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