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Department of Mathematics COVID-19 Prevention Plan and Policies

This page is to detail the current, mandatory Department of Mathematics directives related to operations during COVID-19, in accordance with the Department of Mathematics COVID-19 Prevention Plan
Last updated: 9/22/2020

Current Washington Safe Start Plan phase: Phase 2.

Telework is strongly encouraged for all non-critical personnel. Non-critical personnel may return to worksites IF work can be performed safely AND is absolutely necessary to maintain unit operations.

Masks are required on campus, all personnel must maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others at all times, and gatherings of more than five people are NOT permitted. Those who must come onto campus to conduct work should remain on campus for only as long as is required to do on-site tasks.

~Before coming onto campus, personnel must complete the (one-time) 30-minute Back to the Workplace COVID-19 safety training course~

~Personnel must also perform the Working On-Site Attestation on the Workday home page before EACH visit~

Department of Mathematics Specifics

  • Mathematics Main Office, Advising Office, and Computing: Currently closed. Mathematics staff are working remotely, with occasional on-site work for essential employees. Mail is still being received through campus mailing services, and is distributed to boxes roughly every 3 business days.
  • Single Occupancy Offices: All single occupancy offices will remain single-occupancy. Any work in offices that open directly onto building hallways (i.e. all faculty and grad student offices) should be done with closed doors.
  • Grad Student Offices & Shared Faculty Offices: Shared office space usage (i.e. graduate student offices and some faculty offices) must be limited to one occupant at a time. Other occupants should telework. Shared office members should coordinate with each other to ensure this. Conflicts should be brought to the attention of the Mathematics site-supervisor.
  • Copier Rooms: When in use, the C-134 and C-136 copier rooms must be limited to one occupant at a time. Copy machine screen must be wiped down by any user after each use with disinfectant, which will be provided on the copy room shelf.
  • C-340 Computer Room: Maximum occupancy limited to two people: no more than one person at a computer workstation, and one person at the printer. No more than one computer workstation may be in use at a time. (This will allow personnel to enter the room to retrieve print jobs without violating the required two-occupant maximum or 6-foot distancing.)
  • Math Mailroom and Lounge Kitchen: Limited to one occupant at a time. Math Lounge use is highly discouraged. Lounge capacity is limited to no more than five people, with masks and maintained 6-foot distancing.
  • PDL C-038 classroom: Closed to regular usage. Will be used for drop boxes for drop off/pick up of teaching materials and computing equipment.
  • PDL C-401 classroom: One door designated entrance, one designated exit. Occupants to maintain 6-foot separation at all times, with a maximum capacity of 5 people.
    • IMPORTANT: Use of C-401 MUST be pre-reserved through the Math Student Services Office (  Reservations must have at least one hour between them to avoid congregating in the hallway and at entrances/exits.

This page will continue to be updated as policies change.

For broader information, see the UW's COVID-19 website, and UW Environmental Health & Safety's COVID-19 Health and Safety Resources page.

-Michael Munz, Department of Mathematics COVID-19 Site-supervisor