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Math 381 Poster Session

UW Undergraduate Students
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 10:30am to 12:30pm
Smith Room, Suzzallo Library

Math 381 students will be presenting 27 inspiring projects based on problems faced by people in our community. The titles and names of the presenters are listed below. We hope you can join us in this celebration of service-learning in mathematics.

The entrance to the Smith Room is near the Suzzallo Graduate Reading Room. Look for signs on the wall directing you through the corridors to the room. Parking is available underneath Meany Hall at 15th Avenue Northeast and Stevens Way

Students and Project Titles
  1. Team: Reva Kane, Nhi Ngo and Wenjun Yang
    Title: Weekly Instructors Assignment for Coding with Kids
  2. Team: Cosmo Wang and Feiyang Liu
    Title: Staff Scheduling for UW Dining Hall Center Table
  3. Team: Liyuan Tang, Long Kim Tran, and You Sen Wang
    Title: Tutoring Schedule for Statistics Study Center
  4. Team: Alexander Schultz and Na Shi
    Title: Dynamic Scheduling with Demand Volume Prediction
  5. Team: Sasha Krassovsky, Jongseung John Lim, and Andrey Ryabtsev
    Title: Optimizing the Robotics Closet
  6. Team: Yanyan Guan and Peicheng Wang
    Title: Management of Forest Fire Prevention Equipment
  7. Team: Aman Arya, Beomjun (Aaron) Bae, and Pooja Ramanathan
    Title: Recruiting for Unite UW
  8. Team: Gabriel Menescal, Taylor Merry, and Justin Ngo
    Title: Activity Recommendations for Overall Well-Being
  9. Team: Aashray Anand, Timothy Lu, and Archana Simha
    Title: Allocation of Resources for the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Program
  10. Team: Emma Deng and Chuxuan (Lydia) Sun
    Title: Exchange Strategies in Book Sharing Systems
  11. Team: Jang Ho Cho and Zoheb Siddiqui
    Title: Profit optimization for Rain Factory
  12. Team: Kaitlyn Arlt, Elizabeth McKinnie, and Jierui (Jaron) Wang
    Title: TA Scheduling for UW: Introductory Programming Lab
  13. Team: Yutong Li, Dengxian (Dara) Yang, and Jiarun (Silvia) Zhang
    Title: Event pricing for Foundation for International Understanding Through Students
  14. Team: Yitian Cai and Mingzhong (Anthony) Deng
    Title: Scheduling the Food Delivery Route for Solid Ground
  15. Team: Jong Tai Kim, Kevin Tran, and Yeojun Yoon
    Title: Effectively Scheduling Appointments for Hall Health’s Mental Health Clinic
  16. Team: Weifan Jiang and Chongyi Xu
    Title: Optimization of Assignments for Teaching Assistants at UW
  17. Team: AJ Carty, Saagar Saini, Dorothy Truong
    Title: Minimizing Food Expenses for Husky Football Team
  18. Team: Leonhardsen Chandra and David Northup
    Title: Advising International Students at Shoreline Community College
  19. Team: Brian Davey and Aric Liu
    Title: Inventory Modeling for Seattle E-Bike
  20. Team: Hongyu Cao and Christina Stanfield
    Title: Optimizing Study Space at Odegaard Library
  21. Team: Kamden Chew and Chu Qiao (Max) Zheng
    Title: Mixing a Winning Canoe for the UW Concrete Canoe Club
  22. Team: Matei Armanasu and Ben Trowbridge
    Title: Strengthening the Romanian Women’s Tennis Team
  23. Team: Kyle Choi and Hunter Dean
    Title: Patrol Officer Scheduling for the UWPD
  24. Team: Tianning Li, Yile Tan, and Yajing Zhou
    Title: Shift Scheduling at UW Dining – Local Point
  25. Team: Austin Nguyen and Matthew Xu
    Title: Assigning Staff Across InterVarsity Chapters
  26. Team: YuanSheng Lyu and Yiying Wang
    Title: Predicting Demand for PackAll Products
  27. Team: Linni Cai and Yanmeng (Anny) Kong
    Title: Scheduling Summer Math Courses
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