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Graduate Teaching Opportunities

There are many jobs available to graduate Teaching Assistants, which allow our grad students to obtain broad experience with many aspects of teaching. Here are just some of the available opportunities. Also see our TA Job Descriptions page.

  • Assisting in calculus or pre-calculus courses by conducting quiz sections and office hours and helping to create and grade exams.
  • Grading papers for senior-level or beginning graduate-level courses.
  • Tutoring undergraduates in the Mathematics Study Center.
  • Serving as computer assistants for the department.
  • Teaching one's own section of an undergraduate math course, with a faculty mentor teaching the same course.
  • For those interested in a more intensive experience in learning to teach mathematics, some positions are available teaching inquiry-based pre-college algebra, with mentors and ongoing discussion.

TAs assigned to teach their own sections also sign up for Mathematics 597, a credit seminar on teaching mathematics. If you have any questions about this seminar, contact Judith Arms.