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Non-Major Petition

What courses may I petition for?

For Autumn 2019 - Spring 2020, we are only accepting petitions for entry into MATH 300: Mathematical Reasoning.  For an overview of when major-only classes open to non-majors, please see our registration information page

Petition Criteria & Process

Students wishing to petition for entry into a major-only Mathematics course should first verify they meet the prerequisites for the course. Prerequisites will not be waived. 

Decisions are primarily made based on a compelling reason for wanting to take the course, previous grades in math courses and number of math courses completed.  The appearance of available seats in a course is not a compelling reason to be added.   The quality of our program is a priority and students can benefit greatly from a smaller class.   It is not our goal to fill our classes to maximum capacity, but instead to maintain a strong undergraduate degree program.

Petition approvals do not indicate that you may be admitted to Mathematics now or at any future time.  Coureswork taken through petition may only be applied to a math degree if you are admitted into the Department of Mathematics. 

Non-matriculated students may petition for entry into a major-level course, but will have lowest priority after all matriculated petitions have been reviewed.  You must complete required forms from the UW Non-Degree Enrollment office.

Petition decisions are generally made the Friday before autumn quarter classes start, and we'll notify students of the decisions via email. 

The petition form will open during Period II registration - MAR 2 through 4pm APR 3.  Late petitions will not be considered.

You will need to be logged in to your UW netID gmail account to access the form.

Click Here for MATH 300 Petition Form