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This page lists events, jobs, and opportunities that may interest Math students. Check back frequently for new information. This page is managed by Math Student Services. We make every attempt to make sure information is current. We don't have any additional information about the postings. For International Students, please note, the Math department is currently not able to sign off on CPT.

ACTUARIAL SCIENCE: One-year Post-baccalaureate Program. University of Wisconsin, Madison. Applications due June 1, 2018

AMAZON - UW Mentor program, 1 credit course, Winter.

GRADUATE SCHOOL EXPO  - Big 10 Graduate School Expo, Sept 30 and Oct 1, 2018.

GRE SUMMER PREP Courses. Register Now. Posted 5/25/18.

INTERNSHIP (Paid) - BOEING, Applied Math - Statistics, posted 1/15/18

INTERNSHIPS (Paid) - PEMCO, posted 2/8/18

INTERNSHIP - NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, competitive salary, apply by October 15 2018 for Summer 2019.

JOB - BEST in CLASS - Math Instructor, posted 4/26/18

JOB - BEST in CLASS - Teaching assistant, posted 4/26/18

JOB - ALTERNATIVE ROUTE TO TEACHING LICENSE. Become a teacher. Posted 3/15/18.

JOB (Summer) - Bellevue Learning Center. Math Tutor. Posted 4/26/18

JOB - Frog Tutoring. Hiring now. Posted 4/18/18

JOB - MATHNASIUM - Hiring Tutors NOW, posted 4/30/18

JOB - FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, Research Analyst Program, posted 3/26/18, application open

JOB - RUSSELL INVESTMENTS, Portfolio Analyst. Application open now. Posted 4/18/18.

JOB - TABLEAU SOFTWARE, open positions. Posted 5/17/18

JOB - Upward Bound, Part-time College Prep/Academic Support (Youth Supervisor). Posted 2/22/18

MICROSOFT - UW Mentor Program, 1 credit course, Fall.


SCHOLARSHIP - American Indian Graduate Center. Posted 5/7/18.

SCHOLARSHIP - Northwest Polytechnical University. Application due June 30, 2018

STUDY ABROAD - Budapest Seminar in Mathematics Education, application due 11/1/18 for Spring 2019