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TA Jobs Descriptions

Standard TA

Meet with two quiz sections each Tuesday and Thursday, hold office hours, help with the writing of quizzes and exams, grade quizzes, help grade exams. Note that 124 and 125 are structured so that each quiz section meets on Tuesday and Thursday, for 80 minutes one of the two days, and for 50 minutes on the other. Each 111, 112, 120, 126 quiz section meets for 50 minutes on every Tuesday and Thursday. TAs for 124 and 125 are required to attend regular meetings 4:00-5:00 on Monday afternoons. TAs in 124 and 125 should also reserve the period 3:30-4:00 on Monday for individual meetings with the instructor.


Teaching Your Own Section

Teaching your own section of a course is more work, but it can be tremendously rewarding. It will also make a valuable addition to your resume when you apply for jobs. In addition, TAs who are assigned to teach their own sections are paid at the PDTA II rate. Ordinarily, teaching jobs are reserved for post-prelim PhD students; but occasionally they may be assigned to highly qualified second year Master's students. The first time you teach your own section, you must also sign up for the one-credit Teaching Internship (Math 597), which will pair you with an experienced faculty advisor. Contact Monty McGovern (Autumn, Winter, Spring) or Andrew Loveless (Summer) for details about Math 597. 

Math 307/308/309/324: These are sophomore-level courses, three of which can be taken directly after calculus (the exception is Math 309, which has both 307 and 308 as prerequisites). They meet MWF in sections of approximately 50 students each. these courses.


Grading and Office Hours

TAs assigned to these jobs will grade homework papers for upper-level undergraduate and first-year graduate courses. Depending on the instructor's preferences, you might also be asked to hold office hours, run problem sessions, assist with writing and/or grading exams, or perform other duties. You can find descriptions of all these courses in the UW Course Catalog.


Other Assignments

On-line 124/5/6: 

Each online calculus course has slightly different duties, but in general the TA is responsible for manage and responding to student questions in an online discussion board, hold regular in-person office hours, and proctor and grade exams.  For some classes, there are weekly in-person review sessions that you will run for students.

Math 411/412 (Introduction to Modern Algebra for Teachers): 

The TA in this course works closely in class with the instructor and students. Ideally, the TA for 411 in Autumn continues as the TA for 412 in Winter. Contact the Math 411/412 instructor for details. 

Math 444/445 (Geometry for Teachers): 

The TA in this course mostly helps with grading. Ideally, the TA for 444 in Winter continues as the TA for 445 in Spring. Contact the Math 444/445 instructor for details. 

Math Study Center: 

The Study Center was founded in 1991 to give students one-on-one help with Math 120 through 126; more recently, it has started offering help to students in Math 111/112 as well. The Study Center is designed to be not so much a tutoring center in the traditional sense as a comfortable place and a supportive atmosphere for students to come together and work on math, in groups or individually. Approximately five graduate students are assigned to work there as tutors, helping students get unstuck or to answer questions. These positions are open only to those who already have experience as a TA in one or more of our standard calculus and/or precalculus courses. Contact the MSC director for details. 

Computer Assistant: 

These jobs are open to grad students with extensive computing experience, preferably on the systems currently in use in the Math Department. The people assigned to these jobs will work closely with the MSCC staff, the department computing committee, and/or various faculty members. Duties may include providing consulting help to grad students using the computers; assisting faculty members with computing projects; installing, testing, debugging, maintaining, or writing software; hardware maintenance; and writing, updating, or maintaining Web pages.