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NOTE FOR WINTER QUARTER 2021 - Single Use Option Available

Your CALCULUS course is participating in the Student Choice digital materials program on the UW Seattle campus for Winter 2021. THIS is a LOW COST option for the Calculus series – MATH 124/125/126/324 and is for students who are taking CALCULUS for the FIRST TIME at U of W.WebAssign is REQUIRED and is $40/quarter in this program. 
Here is how it works:
  1. Go to to create a WebAssign account. You have 14-days of FREE ACCESS to WebAssign.
  2. Before the FREE ACCESS ends (1/19/21) you need to OPT-IN by paying the discounted fee to the University Bookstore by CLICKING HERE:
  3. You are done!

** If you are planning on taking the FULL CALCULUS series and want to purchase multi-quarter WebAssign access now, please email the bookstore at"