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Undergraduate Degree Options

The Department of Mathematics offers five degree programs designed to meet the needs of students interested in pure mathematics. These programs promote competence in abstract thinking, logical rigor, analysis, expository clarity, and critical writing. A student who studies mathematics will develop skills that are invaluable in almost any area of life, from software development and finance to teaching. Such a student will also be well prepared for entry into professional schools of business, law, and medicine.

The Mathematics Department offers five degree options for students excited about pure mathematics. All options involve emphasis on abstract thinking, logic, analysis and critical thinking. Current and prospective students should be excited about proof-writing and ready for a challenging and intellectually stimulating degree program!

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Philosophy Option

The Philosophy option allows students to combine mathematics and philosophy. The math courses introduce the student to mathematical reasoning; the philosophy courses complement this method of reasoning with methods that have arisen within the historical tradition of philosophy. Students are encouraged to take coursework specifically in the areas of the Philosophy of Science or Mathematics.

Philosophy Option Degree Requirements & Graduation Planning Sheet (PDF)

Teacher Preparation Option

The Teacher Preparation option prepares students for teaching careers in secondary or middle schools. The majority of these majors go on to finish a Master's in Teaching. This degree requires students to complete specific coursework designed to give them an in-depth experience in Mathematics. Beyond learning the content of Mathematics, the coursework will teach students how to communicate Mathematics (and their love for the subject) to others.

Teacher Preparation Option Degree Requirements & Graduation Planning Sheet (PDF)

Standard Option

The Standard option is intended for students who are interested in a versatile degree in Mathematics. Although the requirements for the degree are more liberal than those of the other options, we recommend choosing electives with the idea of gaining more knowledge in a specific area of mathematics, possibly in conjunction with a minor in a related area. Students can choose coursework in algebra, geometry, topology, combinatorics, analysis, number theory, optimization and probability.

B.A. Standard Option Degree Requirements & Graduation Planning Sheet (PDF)

Bachelor of Science Degrees

Comprehensive Option

For students who plan to do graduate study in mathematics or those who prefer a more theoretical background in mathematics. In addition to taking courses in real analysis, geometry, complex analysis and modern algebra, students must satisfy an elective requirement. The Department offers a variety of areas of study, including combinatorics, differential equations, dynamical systems, number theory, probability, optimization and numerical analysis.

Comprehensive Option Degree Requirements & Graduation Planning Sheet (PDF)

Standard Option

For students wanting both a strong foundation and the freedom to shape their program in Mathematics. The B.S. Mathematics- Standard Option gives students coursework in a range of Mathematics courses and is especially suited for students interested in the mathematical sciences.

B.S. Standard Option Degree Requirements & Graduation Planning Sheet (PDF)