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Registration Information


Prerequisite Policy

Our department does not waive prerequisites.

Please note that if you are entering UW for your first quarter with a prerequisite but it is not yet in the UW system we may be able to manually add you to a course while you wait for your scores or transcripts to be received and processed. Please email us (  Students that have been on campus for one or more quarters are expected to have their prerequisites on their student record.


Closed Courses

Before the quarter starts:

Instructors and Advisers in the Mathematics Department do not overload classes before the quarter begins nor do they have entry codes. Please set up notifications.

Courses that cannot be overloaded (i.e. Calculus) will have a comment on the Time Schedule. Please check there first.

Once class begins:

Attend class so you are up to date on the material. If it is not addressed during class, ask the instructor if they will be adding students. Keep in mind, classrooms are often full and instructors are only expected to teach their course limit. If the instructor is not overloading their class, please respect this decision.  Remember that if a course has a note “No Overloads” on the Time Schedule it can never be overloaded.

Starting the second week all courses require permission to add if space opens. For Math courses, you must have instructor permission emailed to our office ( and then you must also email to be added.


100-Level Placement & Registration

How to determine which MATH class you should register for

We encourage students to review degree requirements for their intended major to determine which MATH course or sequence of courses is required.  Once you determine which course(s) you need to enroll in you should check the course prerequisites or recommendations in the General Catalog.  We have provided information below on confirming you meet course prerequisites or recommendations.

If you are using AP/IB or A-levels to take a class beyond MATH 124, students who are unsure of which course they should register for should look at the Course Materials website for the last MATH class they have received credit for and take the old midterm and final exams. Students who are able to complete the old midterm and final exams successfully for the courses they have received credit for, should register for the next course available. Students who find themselves struggling to complete the exams should strongly consider retaking that course or a previous course in order to strengthen their mathematical foundations.

Guided Self-Placement

Students wanting to enroll in MATH 111, MATH 120 or MATH 124 should visit our Guided Self-Placement website and take the assessment there.  The system will help you decide which course to take. We expect all students registering for Math 111, 120 or 124 to take the assessment.  Click the button below to go to the Guided Self Placement.

Guided Self Placement

AP, IB and A-level Placement

Please refer to the Office of Admissions website for this information. All evaluations of these types of credit are done through the Office of Admissions only. Students must have their scores for AP and IB tests before enrolling, and A-levels must be evaluated and on the UW transcript.

*AP Calculus AB policy note: Regardless of testing date, effective March 2020, scores of 3, 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam are equivalent only to MATH 124 (5 credits).  There is no change to test scores already posted to UW transcripts.

New students who will be attending Freshman Advising & Orientation Sessions over the Summer should check their UW unofficial transcript prior to coming to campus to ensure your scores/credits have been posted. AP scores from the Spring do not get posted until mid-July. IB scores/diplomas do not get posted until August. A-Level credits do not get posted until October. We recommend that you take the guided self-assessment if you wish to register for MATH 124.  Students who have potential A-Level credits should take the guided self-assessment since those credits will not be evaluated until after the quarter has begun. 

UW Graduate Students

Graduate students may register for 100-level courses starting Period II and will need help to register. During the Summer graduate students can register all periods with adviser help.

Calculus: Math 124, 125, 126

Please see course catalog for official prerequisites.

  • Placement in Math 125 & Math 126 only granted with college credit or appropriate test scores.
  • As with all math classes, prerequisites cannot be waived.

Calculus courses cannot be overloaded and we do not give out entry codes.

Please note that Math 124 and Math 125 common finals during Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters are scheduled for the same day and time.  Do not register for both classes in the same quarter as petitions to make-up one of the final exams will be denied.

Online Calculus

Online Calculus has the same content, instructors and resources as in-person sections. You will still have instructors and TAs for help and access to the math study center. If you wish and there is physical space in the classroom you may attend an in-person lecture section. Please keep in mind, the online section and in-person sections may cover material at a different pace.

UW Postbaccalaureate Students

Postbac students may register for Online Calculus anytime but must wait for Period II to register for an in-person section of Calculus. There are no other restrictions on Postbac enrollment for other math courses.

Honors Calculus: Math 134, 135, 136


Placement into Math 126 or higher and permission. As with all math classes prerequisites cannot be waived.

Course Information

Math 134 is part of an intensive honors sequence of calculus that is less computational than our regular calculus series, and instead is focused on the concepts and using proofs to solve problems.  Students wanting to enroll in Math 134 should have a strong enthusiasm and aptitude for mathematics. The course covers the subject matter of Math 124 and Math 125 (single-variable calculus), but with a strong theoretical approach.  Students should be comfortable with integrals and derivatives. In this course, students will learn the fundamental axioms for the real numbers that underlie all the results of calculus.

Math 134 meets Monday - Friday with the expectation of 3-4 hours of work every day and it is not recommended for students taking other intensive coursework.


Students interested in enrolling should first solve these problems. Complete these problems in a quiz-like setting; do not use books or calculators.  The answers can be found here.  If you you are unable to solve these problems on your own, Math 134 is not an appropriate course for you.

Students who have taken AP Calculus need to have scored a 5 on the BC exam. IB students need to have scored a 7 on the HL exam.   If you do not meet the prerequisite requirement with an AP BC Calculus score of 5 or IB HL Mathematics scores of 7, you can still submit the registration form but should explain your mathematical background.

If, after you have completed the problem set and you are excited about exploring calculus from a proof-based perspective, please complete the registration request form. If you are having trouble accessing the form, click here


300- and 400-Level Registration

Below shows which courses are typically open if you are not a major. All 400-Level courses will be open Period II for non-majors and most will close to non-majors Period III. The Math Department reserves the right to update or change this information at any time without notification. 

  • 300-Level Typically Open Courses




    Math 300

    Period II

    Check Time Schedule

    Math 301


    Check Time Schedule

    Math 307



    Math 308



    Math 309



    Math 324



    Math 327

     Period II

    Check Time Schedule

    Math 334



    Math 335



    Math 336



    Math 340


     Check Time Schedule

    Math 380



    Math 394

    Period II

    Check Time Schedule

    Math 395

    Period II


    Math 396



400-Level Courses

All 400-Level courses will be open to non-majors Period II. In Period III most courses will revert to majors only.

Always and Honors

These courses are open to non-major (and non-honors!) students. For “Always” courses you can register yourself and for “Honors” courses email for approval to be added.  


"Never” courses are never available to non-UW Seattle majors. This is due to high demand within the majors. Space is rarely or never available. If space is open, it will be saved for majors.

Period II

Courses labelled “Period II” are generally available for non-majors to register for during Period II of registration only (link to UW calendar). Both Periods I and III these courses will be restricted to majors only.  Many of these courses have prerequisites that are courses available to majors only.


For “varies” courses, please read the notes on the time schedule for more information about if these courses are available to non-majors and how to register.

Graduate and Postbac Students in 300-400 Level Math Courses

Graduate and Postbac students are treated the same as Undergraduates in terms of the above registration policies (i.e. prerequisites and major restrictions). Grad and Postbac students will always need to email


Repeating a Course

Math 124/125/126: You may register to take a course for a second time during period II.

All other courses: You may register to take a course for a second time during all registration periods.

If you want to take a course for a third time, please first meet with your academic advisor or someone in Math Student Services to discuss:

Your goal should be to maximize your ability to pass the course. The Math Department does not allow students to take courses for a fourth time.

Process for Requesting to take a course for a third time:

Winter, Spring and Summer requests must wait until Period II registration to submit a request.  Autumn in-person classes must wait until Period III; we will consider online calculus requests during Period II.

If after you have met with an adviser, utilized campus resources and have determined you need to request to take a course for the third time, please email with the following information. 

Name & student number
Course you are requesting to take for a third time
Name of advisor you met with to discuss repeating the course
Explain why you need to repeat the course.
Tell us what resources you have/will use to be successful

Note: if you are requesting to take a course for the third time immediately following consecutive quarters of not passing the course, you must demonstrate that you can be academically successful. 

High Demand & Majors-only Courses

Many Math Major students are interested in coursework that will be directly applicable to industry. Although this is not the focus of pure math degrees, courses like Probability, Optimization, Discrete Math Modelling and Combinatorics are some of the department’s most popular courses that can be used towards math majors.

Optimization (MATH 407/8/9) and Combinatorics (MATH 461/2) will have specific restrictions on them for a given quarter. Typically these courses are restricted to Seniors and fill with Graduating Seniors. Please see the time schedule for the most up-to-date information.

If you are a BS standard student, we strongly recommend planning for a back-up sequence for 407/8/9 or Math 461/2, these courses fill quickly, even with Graduating Senior Priority.