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Math Transfer Credit Evaluations


Note: If you have completed or plan to complete a math course from a public Washington Community and Technical College, please check the UW Transfer Equivalency Guide. If the math course is listed, you do not need to submit this form.

If you indicate the course was completed remotely or online, please note in the comments how exams were administered if the syllabus does not already include this information.

Students wanting to have their courses evaluated for a UW Study Abroad, in particular the DECCA program, should note that course reviews can take several weeks before a decision is made.  We also ask that you do not upload more than 1-2 courses to be considered.  Reviewing courses for equivalency take quite a bit of time and we receive a lot of requests.

1) Complete one form per UW course equivalency. If two or more courses at the transfer institution is equivalent to one UW course, list all transfer courses and attach all syllabi to this form.
2) Attach a syllabus, which typically includes the course description, for the course(s) you want evaluated.  See below for additional information.
3) If course has been completed, include a copy of your transfer institution transcript (not your UW unofficial transcript).

Only .pdf files will be accepted. Clearly label your documents: “YourLastName_Course#.pdf”.

Document 1 is your syllabus, label it “YourLastName_MATH 126.1”
Document 2 is your unofficial transcript, label it “YourLastName_MATH 126.2”

Equivalency reviews are generally completed by the 15th of the subsequent month in which you submit. After your petition has been reviewed by the Director of the Undergraduate Program, an email will be sent to your UW email address provided on this form.

If the course is already on your UW record, we will notify the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to update your transcript.  If the equivalency is for future coursework, after you complete the course and have had your official transcripts sent to the Undergraduate Admissions office you will need to email with a PDF copy of your transfer institution transcript to update your record.

Please make sure you hit submit after you upload your documents.

Information required will include:

  • Name
  • UW Email Address
  • UW Student #
  • Transfer Institution Name
  • Transfer Institution Location
  • Length of Course -- Semester or Quarter
  • Academic Term and Year
  • Is the course part of a UW Study Abroad program?
  • Course Prefix, Number and Title
  • Number of Credits
  • Grades Earned
  • UW Course Number and Title that most closely corresponds
  • Course Syllabus
  • Unofficial transcript from your transfer institution (not UW transcript)
  • Additional Information

You will be asked to upload your course syllabus and unofficial transcript here.

The syllabus should include:
a. Course meeting days/times
b. Textbooks or course materials assigned
c. A detailed list of content covered in the course. Chapter numbers are not sufficient, it must also list the topic being covered as our faculty do not have access to your textbook.  To help in review, you may wish to submit a copy of the textbook table of contents where you have highlighted the exact chapters covered. 

See this example for what the faculty need in order to review.  The faculty cannot determine equivalency without this information.  A general catalog description is not sufficient. 

Do you have all the required information?

Link to Transfer Credit Evaluation