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Math Teaching Endorsement for Secondary Education

Teaching Certification at the University of Washington is offered through the UW College of Education’s Master's in Teaching Program, please view their website for more information:

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If you are interested in the UW Masters in Teaching program with a teaching endorsement in Mathematics, the Math Department will review your transcripts looking for the following courses or their equivalents. As a general rule, UW courses are primarily offered in-person, during the day.  We can also help you evaluate equivalent courses to meet endorsement requirements.  Please contact Sarah Garner at 543-0388 or email, for more information about these requirements or for a review of your transcripts.

Middle Level Endorsement - Mathematics

Grade levels: 4 - 9

Topic UW Course Number Qtr Credits
Calculus Math 124, 125, 126 15
Math for Upper Elementary & Middle Grade Teachers Educ 171 5
Total Qtr Credits for Endorsement 20

Secondary Endorsement - Mathematics

Grade levels: 4-12

UW Requirements:

Topic UW Course Number Qtr Credits
Calculus Math 124, 125, 126 15
Linear Algebra Math 208* 3
Math Reasoning Math 300 3
Modern Algebra with Applications I & II Math 411, 412 6
Geometries I & II (Euclidean and non-Euclidean) Math 444, 445 6
Probability and Statistics Math 394, and a basic course in Statistics 6-7
Total Qtr Credits for Endorsement 39-40

*Formerly Math 308