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A quarterly colloquium series at the University of Washington to showcase applications of mathematics, with a special emphasis on the growing role of discrete methods in math applications.

UW Mathday

An annual one-day program for high school students during UW Spring Break.

UW Math Circles

This page links to several Math Circles for K12 students or teachers from the UW Math Department.


Summer Institute for Mathematics at the University of Washington - A summer program for high school students: "Getting a glimpse of the depth and beauty of mathematics can be a transforming experience for a student, whatever interests the student may intend to pursue in the future.


The Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab is a group of mathematical explorers, with faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and community members coming together for a journey of discovery. We showcase mathematics as a creative discipline, via experimental, computational, and especially visual mathematics.

Freedom Education Project Puget Sound

FEPPS provides a rigorous college program to incarcerated women in Washington.

Kovalevskaia Fund

The Kovalevskaia Fund is a small foundation which aims to encourage women in science and technology in developing countries.

Latinos in the Mathematical Sciences Conference

A conference showcasing the achievements of Latina/os in the mathematical sciences.

Math for Love

A Seattle-based company devoted to making available the best, deepest, and most beautiful ideas in math to everyone.

Teaching/Learning Newsletter

A newsletter from Virginia Warfield of the UW Math Department.

Washington Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics (WaToToM)

Washington Teachers of Teachers of Math (WaToToM) is a group concerned with how best to prepare future teachers of K-12 mathematics. You may also find interesting the education-related programs offered by UW Professional and Continueing Education (PCE).