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People - Full Directory

Name Title Email / Phone Office Hours
Ahlbach, Connor Graduate Student PDL C-8E
Alper, Jarod Daniel Associate Professor (206) 685-1307 PDL C-328
Arms, Judith M. Associate Professor
(206) 543-9458
PDL C-338
Athreya, Jayadev S. Associate Professor
(206) 616-2481
PDL C-419
Baird, Molly Graduate Student PDL C-541
Barnes, Clayton Graduate Student PDL C-402
Beardsley, Jonathan Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-7445
PDL C-437
Monday 10:00am-11:00pm, Friday 4:30pm-5:30pm
Bekyel, Ebru Lecturer
(206) 221-5627
PDL C-422
Bennett, Mark S. Graduate Student PDL C-8F
Billey, Sara Professor and John Rainwater Faculty Fellow
(206) 616-3107
PDL C-445
Boytz, Alice Program Assistant, Student Services
(206) 543-6830
PDL C-36
Bragg, Daniel Graduate Student PDL C-8F
Brito Montes de Oca, Gerandy Graduate Student PDL C-110
Brownell, Frank H. Professor Emeritus
Bube, Kenneth P. Professor
(206) 543-7248
PDL C-503
Burdzy, Krzysztof Professor
(206) 543-4297
PDL C-530
Spring 2017: Monday 1:30-2:20 and Friday 11:30-12:20; in C-530 Padelford
Burke, James Professor
(206) 543-6183
PDL C-443
Burkhart, Madeleine J. Graduate Student PDL C-110
Burns, Jasmine Graduate Student PDL C-8H
Cameron, James Graduate Student PDL C-8E
Casper, William (Riley) Graduate Student ART 336
Chandra, Sharat Graduate Student PDL C-541
Chang, Yifan Graduate Student PDL C-8B
Chen, Ruqian Graduate Student PDL C-110
Chen, Yuanlong Graduate Student ART 336
Chen, Zhen-Qing Professor
(206) 543-1907
PDL C-341
Cheng, Chi-Yu Graduate Student ART 336
Chirvasitu, Alexandru Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-7386
PDL C-417
Choi, Joon Yong Graduate Student PDL C-111
Choi, Rose Assistant to the Chair
(206) 543-1151
PDL C-138
Chou, Chih-Chi Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-1865
PDL C-526
Clancy, David Graduate Student PDL C-20
Collingwood, David Professor
(206) 543-1905
PDL C-545
Conroy, Matthew Senior Lecturer, Director of the Math Study Center
(206) 685-4703
COM B-0014 (Math Study Center)
Courts, Nicolas Graduate Student PDL C-8M
Curjel, Caspar R. Professor Emeritus
Curtis, Edward B. Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1914
PDL C-527
Davies, Samantha Graduate Student PDL C-404
Devinatz, Ethan Associate Professor
(206) 685-4777
PDL C-554
DeVleming, Kristin Graduate Student ART 336
Dinan, Emily K Graduate Student PDL C-132
Dorfsman-Hopkins, Gabriel Graduate Student PDL C-8G
Dos Reis, Fanny Part-Time Lecturer
(206) 543-1572
PDL C-331
Drusvyatskiy, Dmitriy Assistant Professor
(206) 543-9435
PDL C-434
Duchamp, Thomas E. Professor
(206) 543-1724
PDL C-505
Dumitriu, Ioana Professor
(206) 616-8164
PDL C-336
Engle, Abraham Graduate Student PDL C-430
Eptaminitakis, Nikolaos Graduate Student PDL C-20
Erickson, K. Bruce Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-7597
PDL C-551
Fairchild, Samantha K. Graduate Student PDL C-34
Folland, Gerald B. Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1160
PDL C-542
Forman, Noah Mills Acting Assistant Professor PDL C-414
W 2:30-3:30, Th 3-4
Fowler, Christopher Graduate Student PDL C-8L
Gangolli, Ramesh A. Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1160
PDL C-542
Garner, Sarah Director of Student Services
(206) 543-0388
PDL C-36
Geiger, Caleb L. Graduate Student PDL C-8D
Godfrey, Charles W Graduate Student PDL C-8F
Goering, Max L. Graduate Student PDL C-406
Friday 9:30-11:20am
Goldstein, Allen A. Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-6892
PDL C-536
Golubnichiy, Kirill Graduate Student PDL C-541
Gordon, Graham W. Graduate Student PDL C-20
Graham, C. Robin Professor and Brian and Tiffinie Pang Faculty Fellow
(206) 543-1906
PDL C-549
Greenberg, Ralph Professor
(206) 543-7648
PDL C-553
Griffin, Sean T. Graduate Student PDL C-552
Grünbaum, Branko Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-7597
PDL C-551
He, Daiwei Graduate Student PDL C-8B
Heald, Andrea Part-Time Lecturer PDL C-36J
Hoberg, Rebecca Graduate Student PDL C-114
Hoffman, Christopher Professor and Victor Klee Faculty Fellow
(206) 543-1725
PDL C-333
Irving, Ron Professor and Chair
(206) 543-1151
PDL C-138
Iyer, Karthik Graduate Student PDL C-430
Jeffs, Amzi Graduate Student PDL C-20
Johnson, Eli Graduate Student PDL C-543
Jonker, Jonathan D Graduate Student PDL C-8K
Kajimura, Dawn Academic Counselor
(206) 543-6830
PDL C-36
Kang, Yohan Graduate Student PDL C-18
Karamanlis, Nikolaos Graduate Student PDL C-8J
Kelley Elend, Pamela Fiscal Specialist
(206) 543-1152
PDL C-138
Mon - Fri 8:00 AM to 12 Noon and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
King, James R. Associate Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-6892
PDL C-536
Koblitz, Neal I. Professor
(206) 543-4386
PDL C-335
Kovács, Sándor Craig McKibben and Sarah Merner Professor
(206) 221-6680
PDL C-501
Kozu, Ryan Academic Counselor
(206) 543-6830
PDL C-36
Lee, John M. Professor
(206) 543-1735
PDL C-546
Levy, Avi Graduate Student PDL C-404
Li, Li Graduate Student PDL C-430
Li, Zijian Graduate Student PDL C-8J
Lieblich, Max Professor
(206) 543-1945
PDL C-529
Lin, Bo (Peter) Graduate Student PDL C-406
Lind, Douglas Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1176
PDL C-551
Loranger, Kevin Software Engineer
(206) 685-2752
PDL C-30
0730 - 1600 (Virtual on Thrusday's)
Loveless, Andrew Principal Lecturer
(206) 543-8638
PDL C-339
Lui, Kevin Y. Graduate Student PDL C-8D
MacPhee, Kellie J Graduate Student PDL C-018
Mondays 4-5pm, Thursdays 12-1pm, and by appointment
Marshall, Donald E. Professor
(206) 543-9352
PDL C-555
whenever my door is open
Mathur, Siddharth Graduate Student ART 336
McCurdy, Sean Graduate Student PDL C-113
McGonagle, Matthew Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-1915
PDL C-538
McGovern, William Monty Professor
(206) 543-1149
PDL C-450
drop in, or by appointment
Mesikepp, Timothy Graduate Student PDL C-34
Meyerson, Reed Graduate Student PDL C-111
Mitchell, Stephen Professor
(206) 685-1787
PDL C-447
Monk, Steven G. Associate Professor Emeritus
Montalto Cruz, Carlos R. Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-1177
PDL C-344
Moore, Robert T. Associate Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-7879
Morrow, James A. Barbara Hand Sando and Vaho Rebassoo Professor
(206) 543-1161
PDL C-439
Munoz, Francisco Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 616-5383
PDL C-424
Munz, Michael Administrator
(206) 543-6163
PDL C-138
M-F 8am - 11:45am, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Naehrig, Natalie Part-Time Lecturer
(206) 543-1572
PDL C-331
Namioka, Isaac Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1808
PDL C-540
Nichifor, Alexandra Senior Lecturer
(206) 543-7898
PDL C-326
Nimer, Abdalla Graduate Student PDL C-406
Novik, Isabella Professor
(206) 616-9373
PDL C-416
Ohana, Robert Graduate Student PDL C-109
Ostroff, Jonah Lecturer
(206) 543-6153
PDL C-548
Ozols, Vilnis Assistant Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1914
PDL C-527
Pal, Soumik Associate Professor
(206) 543-7832
PDL C-547
Palacios, Benjamin Graduate Student PDL C-402
Palmieri, John Professor, Graduate Program Director
(206) 543-1785
PDL C-442
Paquette, Courtney Graduate Student PDL C-8K
Perkins, Patrick Part-Time Senior Lecturer
(206) 543-7746
PDL C-544
Pevtsova, Julia Professor
(206) 543-6889
PDL C-448
Pezzoli, Elena Part-Time Lecturer
(206) 543-5082
Pollack, Daniel Professor
(206) 543-1809
PDL C-550
Posso Escobar, Juan Camilo Graduate Student PDL C-111
Pryhuber, Andrew J. Graduate Student PDL C-8M
Ragozin, David Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-6892
PDL C-536
Ramadas, Harishchandra Graduate Student PDL C-18
Raymond, Annie Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-1786
PDL C-432
Richey, Jacob Graduate Student PDL C-8K
Riman, Manar Graduate Student PDL C-109
Robinson, Matt Graduate Student PDL C-8-L
Rockafellar, R. Tyrrell Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-6892
PDL C-536
Rohde, Steffen Professor and Robert B. Warfield, Jr., Faculty Fellow
(206) 543-6171
PDL C-337
Rothvoss, Thomas Assistant Professor
(206) 543-1723
PDL C-440
Roven, Samuel Graduate Student PDL C-8D
Roy, Scott Graduate Student PDL C-8D
Samples, John R. Graduate Student PDL C-404
Sanchez, Anthony Graduate Student PDL C-552
Saritzky, Nathan H Graduate Student PDL C-114
Sawaske, Connor Graduate Student PDL C-115
Scholl, Travis Graduate Student PDL C-115
Segal, Jack Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1914
PDL C-527
Shankar, Ravi Graduate Student PDL C-543
Sheetz, Steve Senior Computing Specialist
(206) 543-6303
PDL C-32
Shi, Zhan Graduate Student PDL C-543
Shrieve, Michael P Graduate Student ART 336
Simmons, David Graduate Student PDL C-552
Slamitz, Alessandro Graduate Student PDL C-543
Smit Vega Garcia, Mariana Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-7146
PDL C-342
Smith, Hart Professor
(206) 685-2902
PDL C-441
Smith, S. Paul Professor
(206) 543-2929
PDL C-436
Southerland, Joshua Graduate Student PDL C-552
Srinidhi Devanur, Tejas Graduate Student PDL C-8H
Stein, William Professor
(206) 543-1916
PDL C-423
Stout, E. Lee Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-6892
PDL C-536
Sullivan, John B. Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1808
PDL C-540
Sun, Xidian Graduate Student PDL C-8J
Swanson, Joshua Graduate Student PDL C-109
Sylvester, John Professor
(206) 543-1158
PDL C-556
Taggart, Jennifer Principal Lecturer
(206) 543-7841
PDL C-334
Taha, Diaaeldin Graduate Student PDL C-552
Tajakka, Tuomas Graduate Student PDL C-113
Tarikere Ashok Kumar Nag, Ashwin Graduate Student PDL C-20
Tewari, Vasu Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-9165
PDL C-421
Theplertboon, Varodom Graduate Student PDL C-8E
Thng, Ivana Graduate Student PDL C-34
Thomas, Rekha Professor, Undergraduate Program Director
(206) 616-9374
PDL C-438
Tierney, Patrick Graduate Student PDL C-8D
Toro, Tatiana Craig McKibben and Sarah Merner Professor
(206) 543-1173
PDL C-343
Tuncel, Selim Professor
(206) 543-1195
PDL C-330
Turchet, Amos Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 616-3027
PDL C-528
Uhlmann, Gunther Walker Family Professor
(206) 543-1946
PDL C-449
Van Meter, Lucas Graduate Student ART 336
Viray, Bianca Assistant Professor
(206) 543-7986
PDL C-528
Voet, Alexander D Graduate Student PDL C-113
Wang, Lidan Graduate Student PDL C-18
Wang, Yiran Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 616-2428
PDL C-524
Wang, Zhenan Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 616-5717
PDL C-332
Warfield, Virginia M. Principal Lecturer Emeritus
(206) 543-1160
PDL C-542
Warner, Garth Professor Emeritus
Weaver, Jordan Graduate Student PDL C-402
Westwater, M. John Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-1160
PDL C-542
Wicks, Elizabeth L. Graduate Student PDL C-132
Wiebe, Amy D Graduate Student PDL C-132
Wong, Liang Ze Graduate Student PDL C-34
Xue, Lei Graduate Student PDL C-114
Younsi, Malik Acting Assistant Professor
(206) 543-7083
PDL C-418
Yuan, Yu Professor
(206) 616-5676
PDL C-523
Zelaya Eufemia, Gerardo Graduate Student PDL C-8B
Zhang, James Professor
(206) 616-1378
PDL C-420
Zhang, Yihao Graduate Student PDL C-430
Zhao, Yue Graduate Student PDL C-8B
Zhao, Zihui Graduate Student PDL C-8D
Zheng, Hailun Graduate Student PDL C-8H
Zhu, Yizhe Graduate Student PDL C-8L

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone
Aravkin, Aleksandr Adjunct Assistant Professor; Primary affiliation: UW Applied Mathematics
(206) 685-5088
Deconinck, Bernard Adjunct Professor; Primary affiliation: UW Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-6069
Fazel, Maryam Adjunct Associate Professor; Primary affiliation: UW Electrical Engineering
(206) 616-4781
Garnett, John Affiliate Professor; Primary affiliation: UCLA
Goodearl, Ken Affiliate Professor; Primary affiliation: UC Santa Barbara
Greenbaum, Anne Adjunct Professor; Primary affiliation: UW Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-1175
Holroyd, Alexander Affiliate Associate Professor; Primary affiliation: Microsoft Research
Kas, Arnold Affiliate Professor; Primary affiliation: Boeing
Klee, Steven Affiliate Assistant Professor; Primary affiliation: Seattle University
Lauter, Kristin Affiliate Professor; Primary affiliation: Microsoft Research
LeVeque, Randy Adjunct Professor; Primary affiliation: UW Applied Mathematics
(206) 685-3037
Lubetzky, Eyal Affiliate Associate Professor; Primary affiliation: Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Mesbahi, Mehran Adjunct Professor; Primary affiliation: UW Aeronautics & Astronautics
(206) 543-7937
Nachmias, Asaf Affiliate Assistant Professor; Primary affiliation: Tel Aviv University
Simonsen, Linda M. Adjunct Professor; Primary affiliation: UW Bothell/Engineering & Mathematics
(425) 352-3746
Solomyak, Boris Affiliate Professor; Primary affiliation: Bar-Ilan University
Wilson, David Bruce Affiliate Professor; Primary affiliation: Microsoft Research
(425) 703-7736