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MathAcrossCampus is a quarterly colloquium series at the University of Washington to showcase applications of mathematics, with a special emphasis on the growing role of discrete methods in math applications.  The goal of this seminar is to expose theoreticians to applied work, to create a community of mathematicians and users of mathematics at UW, and to serve as a guide to students and researchers looking for projects and jobs in math-related areas by offering exposure to ongoing math applications in the Seattle area.

The MathAcrossCampus colloquium series consists of one main talk per quarter followed by a reception.  Talks are open to the public and are intended to be accessible to a wide audience.


The organizers of MathAcrossCampus are Christopher Hoffman, Farbod Shokrieh, and Jayadev Athreya.

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Selection of Speakers

Invitees are high level researchers who are also renowned public speakers, selected by the MathAcrossCampus community.  Ideally, one of the three annual speakers is chosen from within the Seattle community.  The subject areas are kept as diverse as possible, and the main talk is intended to be accessible to a wide audience.  Nominations of speakers are open to all; if you would like to nominate a speaker, send email to


MathAcrossCampus is currently supported by the UW Department of Mathematics and the Washington Research Foundation.

Additional support has been provided by: The NSF VIGRE grant at UW; the NSF Research Training Group in Inverse Problems and PDEs; the National Science Foundation; the National Security Agency; the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciencesthe Milliman Fund; the College of Arts and Sciencesand the departments of Applied Mathematics and Economics.

Past Events