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Program Overview

About the Program

The University of Washington Mathematics Department is one of the major research mathematics departments in the United States. It has an excellent research reputation, a strong, demanding program of graduate study in mathematics, and a full range of excellent undergraduate course offerings. The department consists of approximately 60 permanent faculty with research interests in virtually every area of mathematics. Students, faculty, and numerous visitors are encouraged to interact through a variety of courses, seminars, colloquiums, and in other less formal ways. The faculty have been supported in their research by the Sloan Foundation, National Science Foundation, Fulbright Foundation, National Security Agency, and other organizations. 

Why Mathematics?

Mathematics is a foundational tool that's utilized in every discipline of science, engineering, industry, and technology.

If admitted to the Math major, your focus of study will be pure mathematics. You’ll solve problems, find facts, and answer questions that don't necessarily depend on the world around us, but on the rules of mathematics itself.   As you continue your studies in math, you’ll transition from computational mathematics (i.e. calculus) to studying theories and proofs.  Math 208 - Matrix Algebra (formerly MATH 308) is typically a student's first introduction into theoretical math.

What can you do with a degree in mathematics?
Our majors graduate with proficiency in problem solving and with strong analytical skills. By studying pure mathematics, they will become critical thinkers, which often involves:

  • creative problem solving
  • collaboration
  • inductive & deductive reasoning
  • objective observation

Employers value our UW alumni for their ability to argue logically and think abstractly.  They are seeking candidates who can gather and analyze data, test conclusions, and present relevant and accurate information used to make data-informed decisions. 

Secondary Teacher
Data Analyst
Computer Science/Software
Bio technology
Operations & Market Research
Amazon Web Services
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center
Seattle Public Schools

Math Degree Options

The Department of Mathematics offers 4 degree options: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts Standard Option, Bachelor of Arts Teacher Prep Option, and Bachelor of Arts Philosophy Option.  Review the Undergraduate Degree Options for more information.

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