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Non-Matriculated Student Information

Matriculated UW students have priority in Math courses. Due to the high demand for math courses, especially during autumn, winter, and spring quarter, taking math courses at the UW Seattle campus as a non-matriculated (NM) student may be difficult. NM students will never be overloaded into closed courses. 

There is more course availability for non-matriculated students during summer quarter.  Non-matriculated summer-only students can typically begin registering for summer math courses in April, EXCEPT WHERE OTHERWISE NOTED IN THE UW TIME SCHEDULE (available FEB 7th).

Course Information

Non-Matriculated Registration Process:

100- and 200-Level Courses

You're eligible to register for these courses if you meet the prerequisites and there are seats available in the class.

IN-PERSON 100-LEVEL CLASSES:  For autumn quarter 2021, students will need to wait until Friday, OCT 1, 2021, the third day of autumn quarter.  We suggest students consider taking an equivalent math course at a Washington Community and Technical College

ONLINE CALCULUS SERIES: Online sections are likely to have seats available for non-matriculated students.
All students begin and end the course together with in-person exams on specific dates; to be announced by instructor. 

Autumn Quarter Online Calculus Classes:
Calculus I -   MATH 124 G/GA
Calculus II -  MATH 125 F/FA
Calculus III - MATH 126 H

HONORS CALCULUS - MATH 134/135/136: The Accelerated [Honors] Calculus series is never open to non-matriculated students.

 300- and 400-Level Courses

You may register for these courses if:

1. You meet the prerequisites for the course.
2. For 300- & 400-level courses, see the UW Time Schedule for major restrictions. If a course is restricted to Majors only during registration period 3, NM students will not be able to register.

ACCELERATED [HONORS] ADVANCED CALCULUS - MATH 334/335/336: The Accelerated [Honors] Advanced Calculus series is never open to non-matriculated students.

500-Level Courses & Registration Process

If you are planning to apply to the Graduate Program contact

To register as a non-matriculated student in a 500 level course, you will need to have permission from the instructor. Email the instructor with your request, they may ask for an unofficial copy of your transcript. If they approve your request, they need to email saying "I give permission for "Name," with "Student Number," permission to register for Math 5xx. Then, you need to email saying, "My name is Name, my student is, xxxxxxx, I would like to register for Math 5xx. There has to be an email trail to follow.

Permission from the instructor does not guarantee a seat in the class. 

Coursework for Teaching Endorsements

Anyone seeking coursework for their endorsements should review the teaching endorsement page.  If you are attempting to apply for the UW Seattle MIT program you are especially encouraged to check in.


AUT/WIN/SPR Non-matriculated Registration Process:

1. Review all required steps as outlined on the Non-degree enrollment website.

2. Submit your unofficial transcript(s) to to have your prerequisite(s) verified by a Math advisor.  For MATH 111, 120, & 124, unofficial transcripts are not required, however please take the Guided Self-Placement Assessment before emailing our office for approval.

3. If approved for placement by the Math Advising Office, contact the instructor for approval (see process below).

  • Instructor names appear in the time schedule approximately 2 weeks before the quarter begins.
  • In lieu of signatures on the registration form, Continuum College will accept approval emails from the instructors and departments. 

Instructor Approval Process:  As early as two weeks before the start of the quarter, forward the email from the Math Advising Office to the instructor, stating you're approved for placement into your requested math class.  Please make sure you include the following in your email to the instructor:

a) your full name
b) student number
c) indicate the registration quarter and year (i.e. AUT/WIN/SPR/SUM 20XX)
d) include course prefix, course number, section(s) and 5-digit SLN (i.e. MATH 126 A/AB; SLN 12345/12346)

4. Once you have both approval emails from the instructor and the department, return the Registration Approval Form with emailed registration approvals from the instructor and the department, and all tuition and fees to Non-Degree Registration Services.

An instructor or departmental signature does not guarantee that you will be able to enroll in the course.  There MUST be space available for non-matriculated students to be added, and you must meet the prerequisite requirements. 

 Summer-Only Non-matriculated Process:

1. Email with the following:

  • Your full name
  • an unofficial copy of your transcript showing you have met the prerequisite(s)
  • the course number and section of the open class you would like to register for

After you receive approval that the course is available to non-matriculated students and you meet prerequisite(s), you may proceed to step 2.

2. Apply to summer quarter.

3. Once you have received your UW Student ID number, you must email again providing us with your number and the request to be added to the course.  Please reference that you've already had prerequisites approved.

Approved prerequisites do not guarantee that you will be able to enroll in the course.  There MUST be space available for non-matriculated students to be added.