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Applying as a Visiting Graduate Student

The University of Washington Math Department welcomes visiting graduate students from other universities. Students can be accepted into this status only if they are in good standing and actively pursuing a graduate degree at another accredited academic institution, and plan to transfer a limited number of credits back to their home institution. See the UW Graduate School Web page on Visiting Graduate Students for more information. The application procedure for Visiting Graduate Student status is somewhat different from applying as a regular graduate student.

How to Apply

Complete the regular University of Washington Application for Admission to Graduate School online, and pay the nonrefundable application fee. When asked to select a graduate program, be sure to select Visiting Graduate. When asked to select a specific area of interest, enter Mathematics.

While completing the online application, applicants for visiting graduate student status will be asked to submit the following:

  • Unofficial Transcripts: Information regarding all prior undergraduate and graduate institutions attended, including unofficial transcripts from the relevant institutions. (Admitted applicants must provide official transcripts.)
  • Statement of Purpose: A statement of about 200 to 300 words describing why you are interested in studying mathematics at the University of Washington, and what courses you plan to take while you are here.
  • Advanced Mathematics Courses: Upload, (in PDF format), a detailed list of all mathematics courses beyond the level of elementary calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra that you have taken or will take before you begin graduate work at the University of Washington. For each course include the following information:
    - Course number and title
    - Grade obtained (for completed courses)
    - School
    - Instructor
    - Dates
    - Title and author of textbook(s) used
    - Material covered (about as much information as would appear in a college catalogue.)
  • Supporting email notes: You will need to ask your faculty supervisor to send us a short email note supporting this application and explaining how visiting the University of Washington fits into your overall educational plan. If you are planning to work with a specific UW faculty member, please ask that person to send us a similar email note. 
  • Mathematical Background Questionnaire: This questionnaire asks detailed information about your mathematical background.
  • Resume or CV: Upload a PDF to the application website.
  • Application Fee: There will be an application fee required to process your application by the University of Washington Graduate School Admissions Office. You must pay on-line to be able to declare your application complete.

It is not necessary to submit GRE scores.

International Visiting Graduate applicants:

  • TOEFL Scores: Please request ETS to electronically send official TOEFL scores to the University of Washington using Institution Code 4854.
  • Statement of Financial Ability: After you submit your application online, you must log back into the online application to access the form.


Ordinarily, visiting graduate students, like regular graduate students, should begin in Autumn Quarter. The application deadline for those not requesting financial support is July 1; if you request financial support, the deadline is December 15. (Be aware, however, that financial support is seldom available to visiting grad students.)

In special circumstances, visiting graduate applicants may be accepted to begin in quarters other than Autumn. The deadlines for other quarters are as follows:

Winter Quarter - November 1
Spring Quarter - February 1
Summer Quarter - May 15