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Current Quarter Drop

Effective Autumn 2020, the University allows students to drop one or more courses using the "current quarter drop" process.  Here are some things to consider before you request to drop a course or courses.

  • Why are you needing to drop the course?  Personal circumstances?  Academic concerns?  
  • If you drop the course, how will this impact your graduation timeline?
  • Will you still meet prerequisites for courses next quarter?
  • Have you recently read through the Department's Math Satisfactory Progress Continuation policy / ACMS Continuation policy?  Sometimes dropping the course or staying in the course and getting a grade might result in violating the continuation policy (e.g. it is your only math course, so dropping would mean you are not in a course; or the projected grade is <2.0  if you were to remain in the course).  If you will violate the continuation policy either way, is it the first time ?  If it will be your second or third time, then we would strongly recommend you talk with an adviser.
  • What will be different for you next quarter so you can be successful in the courses you are registered for?

We strongly encourage you to explore some of the campus resources below:

If you're uncertain about any of these answers, please speak with a Math adviser during drop-in advising.

You should think carefully about all of these questions.  In addition, there are questions you will be asked on the Registrar's page where you request to drop classes.  When filling out the form, please use for our contact email.  When you are ready to view the Current Quarter Drop request form, use this link to the registrar's page.

Once we receive notification that you have submitted a current quarter drop request, we will take action on the email within 3-5 business days after receipt.