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Department Email Groups

This page lists important e-mail group addresses to be used for reaching groups of individuals in the department. Use of these addresses is intended only for those within the Department of Mathematics. For inquiries about who is on what mailing list, contact or speak with Kevin Loranger or Steve Sheetz at 616-9310.

The following addresses are for official department business only:

Address Description
business@math All departmental members
faculty@math Current full-time, part-time, and emeritus faculty
vfaculty@math All members of assocprofs, asstprofs, lecturers, and professors

Use this address for messages of general interest:

Address Description
bboard@math Reaches everyone who wants to receive general news (opt-in list)

Other department email address lists:

Address Description
gradstudents@math All Mathematics graduate students
gradfun@math Graduate student activities (opt-in list)
mathmajors@u All Mathematics majors
acmsmajors@u All ACMS majors
staff@math Main Office, Advising, and Computing staff (not Math Library)
lecturers@math Lecturers
professors@math Full professors
assocprofs@math Associate professors
asstprofs@math Assistant professors
postdocs@math Postdoctoral Scholars
tempfaculty@math Part-time and temporary faculty
emeritus@math Emeritus faculty
adjuncts@math Adjunct faculty (at UW)
affiliates@math Affiliate faculty (outside UW)