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Editing Events on the Department Calendar

The Math Department Calendar includes events from many seminar series as well as meetings and other departmental activities. Faculty and staff who organize seminars can be authorized to add events to the calendar and edit their own events.

If you have questions about using the department calendar, please contact Rose Choi or Mike Munz.

How to Add an Event

  1. Log in to the Math Department website by clicking on the user icon in the upper right.
  2. Click "Add content" in the gray toolbar. Choose "Event" if you see a list of options (some editors may be sent directly to the add event form).
  3. Fill out the required information, following department editorial guidelines:
    • Title: Include the title of the talk. If the subject of a talk is unknown, then enter "TBA."
    • Speaker: If applicable, provide the presenter's name and affiliation. Example: Robert Brown (University of Wisconsin)
    • Date and Time: Include not only the start date and time but also the *end* date and time. Note that you have to "open" the field for the end date even for one hour events.
    • Location: name and room number. Abbreviations such as PDL are encouraged.
    • Event Subcalendar: Indicate whether the event belongs to a specific subcalendar.
    • Event Type: Indicate the general format for the event. Select all that apply.
  4. Fill out optional information:
    • Address: for off-campus venues (and only off-campus venues) include a street address.
    • Image Display: select a layout for the page (ignore for standard seminar talks)
    • Images: attach images for the page. Ignore for standard seminar talks. For lectures and talks, a headshot of the speaker is a good choice. Do not attach a flyer or poster as an image - include a link to the PDF in the description. After the event, you can add more images to create a photo gallery.
    • Audio and Video: embed a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, or a soundclip from Soundcloud. Ignore for standard seminar talks. 
    • Inline Images: upload additional images for inserting into the body of the page, if you do not wish to use the preset layouts. Ignore for standard seminar talks. 
    • Description: provide an abstract. You may include links and use MathJax in this field. See these instructions for linking to a file. Use headings and bulleted lists for improved readability and accessibility.
    • Related Links: any additional resources or links not included in the description.
    • People Involved: tag people in the department so the event will appear on their "News & Events" tab; type a few letters of their name, and select from the list that appears; one person per line; use "Add Another Item" to tag multiple people.
    • Related Fields: tag related subject areas; this helps users browse by topic.
    • Related Departments: tag related departments and programs.
    • Revision information: add a note about the changes you're making to the revision log.
    • Publishing options: events are published by default; if you wish to unpublish and keep in draft state, uncheck the box.
  5. Save the event and review your work.

Note: Due to caching, your changes may not appear for up to an hour if you log out of the site.

How to Edit an Event

  1. Log in to the Math Department website by clicking on the user icon in the upper right.
  2. Find the event you would like to change by:
    • Clicking on the event name in the calendar or a list of upcoming events.
    • Going to the "Find your content" page in the gray toolbar and looking for the event.
    • Going to the "Manage events" page in the gray toolbar and filtering for the event.
  3. Click the "edit" tab for the event. If you don't see an edit tab, you may not have permission to change that event. Contact Rose Choi for assistance.
  4. Change the event and save your work.

How to Delete an Event

Event Editors cannot delete events from the calendar. They can mark an event as cancelled by checking the box under the Date and Time field. Contact Rose Choi if you need an event completely deleted from the calendar.

Other Considerations

Event Editors are responsible for complying with copyright laws and ensuring they have permission to post all images and materials that they post. Event Editors are also responsible for complying with university accessibility and privacy guidelines.

More Information

Additional advice and tutorials are available on the Department Web Framework help site. Questions about the calendar should be directed to Rose Choi, and if necessary she will contact the College of Arts & Sciences web team for further assistance.