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The University of Washington Mathematics Department hires undergraduate students to be graders for several 300-level courses and sometimes 400-level courses. There are a limited number of positions available each quarter.

If you are interested in being a grader, please complete the grader questionnaire. Your name will be added to the potential graders list. There is no guarantee that you will be offered a position.

If you are offered a position, you will be notified via email and should follow the instructions in the email.

Department of Mathematics Hourly ASE Policy for Graders

There are two tiers of grader pay, related to the courses being graded, on a quarterly basis:
Tier 1
  • Current hourly rate: $15.76/hour (effective 7/1/2018)
  • Math 309
Tier 2
  • Current hourly rate: $16.13/hour (effective 7/1/2018)
  • Major Level 300- and 400-level courses
If an ASE is grading for a tier 1 course and a tier 2 course in the same quarter, the ASE will have two grader appointments in the payroll system, one at each rate, and hours spent grading for each course will be tracked separately. Graders are contracted for a set number of hours worth of grading per quarter. Each grader is informed of this number when the position is offered at the start of the quarter. Pay rates for each tier will beincreased as necessary per ASE contract requirements, minimum wage increases, or departmental decision.