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Master's Programs Normal Progress

A graduate student in one of the Mathematics Department's Master's programs is considered to be making normal progress if the student:

  1. maintains a GPA of at least 3.0;
  2. completes satisfactorily during the first year at least eight one-quarter courses from the list of courses applicable to the degree;
  3. completes all the requirements for a Master's degree by the end of the second year.

Additional Remarks:

A graduate student in Mathematics is considered to have demonstrated satisfactory course performance in a quarter during the academic year if the student registers for and satisfactorily completes a set of courses satisfying the registration requirements for that quarter.

Satisfactory performance in a graded course means obtaining a grade of at least 3.0. Courses with grades below 3.0 will not count towards the requirements for a Master's degree, unless permission is granted by the Graduate Program Coordinator.

For part-time students, a "year" is considered to be any sequence of quarters during which the student registers for a total of 30 credits.

A student may substitute a passing performance in a Ph.D. preliminary exam for satisfactory completion of the corresponding 500-level course.

Failure to maintain normal progress will result in dismissal from the program unless a waiver is granted by the Graduate Program Committee.