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Math Minor

General Minor information:

  • Most math courses are restricted to Math Majors only for Period I registration, and in some cases all registration periods. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Typically minor students take Math/Stat 390 or a math course in Summer Quarter when there is more course availability.
  • Course substitutions are not allowed. Only courses coded or co-listed with "MATH" are allowed.
  • All coursework requires a minimum grade of a 2.0.

(Requirements in effect starting Spring Quarter, 2011)

Minor Requirements (30 credits)

Core Requirements (24 credits)

  • Math 124, 125, 126 Calculus (15 credits)
  • Math 307 Differential Equations, Math 308 Matrix Algebra with Applications, Math 309 Linear Analysis (9 credits);


  • Math 134, 135, 136 Accelerated (Honors) Calculus (25) (includes 10 credits for advanced placement)

Electives (6 credits)

  • 6 credits of mathematics courses numbered 301 or higher.

At least 9 credits of courses numbered 301 or higher taken in residence at the UW.