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Math Minor

General Minor information:

  • Students wishing to pursue the math minor should wait to declare the minor until they complete all coursework.  After you have completed the minor, you should see your home department to declare the minor.
  • The courses for the minor often have many registration restrictions that prioritize majors, making it extremely difficult to complete the final credits needed for the minor.
  • Math minors should not plan to take their final upper-division math course during winter or spring quarter.  There are no courses available, unless the student has completed the math major course prerequisite, which is typically completed the summer quarter before.
  • We do not make exceptions to the registration restrictions listed on the time schedule.  A minor who chooses to attend a course listed as “majors only” in Period III registration cannot expect to get a seat even if space opens up.
  • Course substitutions are not allowed. Only courses coded or co-listed with "MATH" are allowed.
  • All coursework requires a minimum grade of a 2.0.
Important Course Update Regarding MATH/STAT 390

MATH 390 / STAT 390 will no longer be offered as a joint course effective AUTUMN 2018.  STAT 390 will be the only course offered.  The change in the joint offering means that STAT 390 cannot be used towards the Math minor if taken autumn quarter 2018 or later. 

Please see our registration information page for additional information about course availability and registration options:

(Requirements in effect starting Spring Quarter, 2011)

Math Minor Requirements (30-31 credits)

  1. Core (24-25 credits): MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 126, MATH 307, MATH 308, and MATH 309; or MATH 134, MATH 135, and MATH 136 (25 credits, including 10 advanced-placement credits)
  2. Electives (6 credits): mathematics courses numbered 301 or higher
  3. At least 9 credits of MATH courses numbered 301 or higher taken in residence through the UW. Minimum 2.0 grade required for each course offered as part of the minor.