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MATH 208/308 - Matrix Algebra

Suggested Syllabus

Course description and prerequisite information: see UW General Catalog
Text: Linear Algebra with Applications, Second Edition by Jeffrey Holt

Syllabus: The following is a minimal syllabus for the course. It allows for two midterms, review lectures, and a holiday or two, depending on the quarter. Section numbers are from Holt's text. Webassign assignments for these sections have been created and will be shared with instructors.

  • §1.1 lines and linear equations
  • §1.2 linear systems and matrices
  • §2.1 vectors
  • §2.2 span
  • §2.3 linear independence
  • §3.1 linear transformations
  • §3.2 matrix algebra
  • §3.3 inverses
  • §4.1 intro to subspaces
  • §4.2 basis and dimension
  • §4.3 row and column spaces
  • §4.4 change of bases
  • §5.1 the determinant function
  • §5.2 properties of the determinant
  • §6.1 eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • §6.2 diagonalization

Optional Material: If there is time in the quarter, instructors may choose to introduce §8.5 (Lease Squares Regression). Instructors should create their own Webassign assignments from this section.


Updated June 2018