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WXML featured in AMS Notices

Submitted by Rose Choi on September 24, 2018 - 11:35am
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The Washington Experimental Math Lab, founded and directed by faculty member Jayadev Athreya, is one of a number of labs across the country that form faculty-student groups to advance mathematics through experimentation, visualization, and public engagement.  The October issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society has an article co-written by Jayadev that describes Geometry Labs United, a network of ten such programs including both WXML and a lab at the University of Illinois that Jayadev established before coming to UW.  The article highlights the work of two UW students: Matthew Staples, who participated in research on a recently discovered pentagonal tiling of the plane during WXML’s first quarter, in Spring 2016, and helped develop WXML’s website, and Kristine Hampton, who participated in a project on statistical properties of the discrete logarithm that same quarter.  Kristine has remained active in WXML while moving on to be a graduate student in the department, helping to establish and manage a new monthly math circle for elementary and middle school mathematics teachers in the region.

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