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2019 Graduating Class

Submitted by Rose Choi on December 4, 2019 - 9:43am
graduation cap photo by Dennis Wise © 2015 University of Washington
Dennis Wise © 2015 University of Washington


Connor Ahlbach (advisor: Sara Billey) | Lecturer at Texas State University
Dissertation: Applications of the Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon to Words, Branching Rules, and Tableaux

Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins (Max Lieblich) | Post-doc at University of California, Berkeley
Projective Geometry for Perfectoid Spaces

Abraham Engle (James Burke) | Applied Scientist at Amazon
Local and Global Convergence for Convex-Composite Optimization

Peter Lin (Steffen Rohde) | Post-doc at SUNY Stony-Brooke
Conformal Welding of Dendrites

Kevin Lui (William Stein) | Looking at industry jobs
Explicit Isogenies of \$J_0(N)\$

Kellie MacPhee (Dima Drusvyatskiy) | Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft
Geometry and algorithms for signal recovery: from convex duality to non-convex formulations

Sean McCurdy (Tatiana Toro) | Post-doc at Carnegie Mellon University
Minkowski-type Estimates on the Quantitative Strata of the Generalized Critical set of Green's functions for Two-Sided NTA Domains arising from a Free-Boundary Problem for Harmonic Measure

Manar Riman (Bianca Viray) | Assistant Professor at Phoenicia University, Lebanon
The Vanishing of the Brauer group of a del Pezzo surface of degree 4

Lucas Van Meter (Max Lieblich) | Visiting position at Lewis & Clark College
A Functorial Approach to Algebraic Vision

Liang Ze Wong (James Zhang) | Research Scientist at the Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore
The Grothendieck Construction in Enriched, Internal and Infinity-Category Theory

Amy Wiebe (Rekha Thomas) | Dirichlet Postdoctoral Fellow of the Berlin Mathematical School, Freie Universität Berlin
Realization spaces of polytopes and matroids

Gerardo Zelaya Eufemia (William Stein) | Data Science Consultant, Lowe's Headquarters
Computing the Tate-Shafarevich group order and type of as many rational elliptic curves of conductor up to a million


Mathias Budoba De Badyn (advisor: Dima Drusvyatskiy)

Sharat Chandra (Sara Billey)

Eli Johnson (Sara Billey)

Matt Robinson (Gunther Uhlman)


206 in Mathematics

75 in Applied & Computational Mathematical Sciences

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