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Chris Burdzy named President-Elect of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Submitted by Rose Choi on July 10, 2020 - 2:44pm
Krzysztof Burdzy

Chris Burdzy has been named President-Elect of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. He will spend one year as President-Elect, then a year as President, then a year as Past President. In a brief statement, Burdzy writes "I am greatly honored by being nominated for the IMS President. Big Data presents both challenges for and opportunities to statistics. In my opinion, it also presents new opportunities for the statistical and probabilistic communities to get closer via the focus on the common scientific models. Electronic publishing went through a revolution in the last 30 years or so. It is a good time to reflect on how we are doing and try to anticipate how scientific publishing may evolve next. The IMS is widely known for publishing some of the best journals in the field. To retain this status, it is important to maintain (and increase, if possible) support for its activities among both junior statisticians and junior probabilists."

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