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Farbod Shokrieh awarded an NSF CAREER grant

Submitted by Rose Choi on February 16, 2021 - 2:05pm
Farbod Shokrieh
Farbod Shokrieh

Assistant Professor Farbod Shokrieh has been awarded a CAREER grant by the National Science Foundation. This award is at the intersection of algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry, and combinatorics. Farbod will study fundamental questions at the intersection of non-archimedean and tropical geometry, arithmetic and Arakelov geometry, and combinatorics and convex geometry. His research will further study the interplay between tropical methods and arithmetic geometry of abelian varieties, the study of various combinatorial and convex geometric questions arising from this interplay, and the study of invariants on degenerating families of curves and abelian varieties. The centerpiece of this research will be a yearly extended research experience for graduate students on projects at the intersection of combinatorics, tropical geometry, and arithmetic and Arakelov geometry.

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