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2021 Graduating Class

Submitted by Rose Choi on December 14, 2021 - 4:37pm
graduation cap photo by Dennis Wise © 2015 University of Washington
Dennis Wise © 2015 University of Washington


Samantha Davies (advisor: Thomas Rothvoss) | Postdoc at Northwestern

Dissertation: Designing Scheduling Algorithms via a Mathematical Perspective

Samantha Fairchild (Jayadev Athreya) | Postdoc at Max Planck

Counting social interactions for discrete subsets of the plane

Charles Godfrey (Sándor Kovács) | Postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Lab

Higher direct images of ideal sheaves, correspondences in log Hodge cohomology and globally F-full varieties

Max Goering (Tatiana Toro) | Postdoc at Max Planck

Rectifiability via Discrete Curvatures and Regularity in Anisotropic Problems

Amzi Jeffs (Isabella Novik) | NSF Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon

Morphisms, Minors, and Minimal Obstructions to Convexity of Neural Codes

Jonathan Jonker (Aleksandr Aravkin) | Applied Scientist, Amazon

Optimization Enabled Kalman Smoothing

Li Li (Gunther Uhlmann) | Postdoc at IPAM at UCLA

Inverse problems for fractional operators involving a magnetic potential

Zijian Li (Steffen Rohde) | Data Scientist, Uber

Brownian Motion, Quasiconformal Mappings and the Beltrami Equation

Timothy Mesikepp (Steffen Rohde) | Postdoc at National Center for Theoretical Sciences in Beijing

How to weld: energies, weldings and driving functions

Reed Meyerson (Gunther Uhlmann) | Postdoc at University of Helsinki

Intersection Rigidity

Andrew Pryhuber (Rekha Thomas) | Software Developer, NVIDIA

Chirality in Multiview Geometry

Jacob Richey (Christopher Hoffman) | Postdoc at University of British Columbia

Random combinatorial processes

Anthony Sanchez (Jayadev Athreya) | NSF Postdoc at University of California San Diego

Gaps of saddle connection directions for some branched covers of tori

Ravi Shankar (Gunther Uhlmann and Yu Yuan) | Instructor at Princeton University

Nonlinear PDEs: regularity, rigidity, and an inverse problem

Michael Shrieve (Sándor Kovács) | Protocol Engineer, Polymarke

On the gamma_2-positivity of smooth toric threefolds

Tuomas Tajakka (Jarod Alper) | Postdoc at Stockholm University

Projective moduli spaces of complexes of sheaves

Ashwin Tarikere Ashok Kumar (Gunther Uhlmann) | Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara

Visibility and Invisibility in Inverse Problems

Alexander Voet (Max Lieblich) | Data Scientist, KPMG

Birational Functors in the Derived Category


Grant Robinson (advisor: Farbod Shokrieh)

Grant Posner (Max Lieblich)

Camila Vasquez (Farbod Shokrieh)


192 in Mathematics

84 in Applied & Computational Mathematical Sciences

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