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A Pacific Northwest Combinatorics Story: Meet our NSERC- PIMS PDF at SFU, Amy Wiebe

Submitted by Rose Choi on April 15, 2022 - 11:52am
Amy Wiebe
Article by Ruth A. Situma | The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

Amy Wiebe has gone places, but her heart is truly at home in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from her first postdoctoral fellowship in Germany, the rest of her degrees have been at institutions on the west coast: she completed both her undergraduate and master's degree at Simon Fraser University and then moved down the coast to the University of Washington, where she worked on her Ph.D. under Professor Rekha Thomas. Amy recently began her PIMS-NSERC Fellowship in 2021 and is taking her transition back to Vancouver in stride. Asked about the move back to the west coast from Germany she says “ I was a bit worried about coming back to Vancouver after so many years away actually. I think the hardest part of any postdoc is creating a life somewhere for a few years and then just packing up and leaving it behind. Coming back to Vancouver felt like coming back to one of these unfinished lives in some way, and I didn’t know if it would really feel like home anymore.”

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