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2022 Graduating Class

Submitted by Rose Choi on January 20, 2023 - 3:33pm
graduation cap photo by Dennis Wise © 2015 University of Washington
Dennis Wise © 2015 University of Washington


Abeer Al Ahmadieh (advisor: Cynthia Vinzant) | Postdoc, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dissertation: Determinantal Representations and the Image of the Principal Minor Map

David Clancy (advisor: Soumik Pal) | Postdoc, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Dissertation: Epidemics on critical random graphs: limits and continuum descriptions

Nicolas Courts (advisor: Julia Pevtsova) | Postdoc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Dissertation: Schroedinger's Tensor Product Property: Representation and Support Theory for Bosonized Quantum Complete Intersections    

Kirill Golubnichiy (advisor: Ken Bube) | Postdoc, University of Calgary

Dissertation: On Inverse Problems and Machine Learning     

Samuel Roven (advisor: Bianca Viray) | Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco

Dissertation: Rational Points and Weak Approximation on Conic Bundles

Peter Rudzis (advisor: Chris Burdzy) | Postdoc, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Dissertation: Rough Collisions                                        

Joshua Southerland (advisor: Jayadev Athreya & Farbod Shokrieh) | Postdoc, Indiana University - Bloomington

Dissertation: Quantitative density statements for translation surfaces        

Lei Xue (advisor: Isabella Novik) | Postdoc, University of Michigan

Dissertation: Face numbers of polytopes, posets, and complexes with Advanced Data Science option

Stark Ryan (advisor: Sara Billey) | Quantitative Researcher, IMC Trading

Dissertation: The Fubini-Bruhat Orders        

David Simmons (advisor: Tatiana Toro) | Algorithm Engineer, Alpenglow Biosciences

Dissertation: Regularity results for the variable-coefficient Plateau problem     

Yiaho Zhang (advisor: Thomas Rothvoss) | Industry

Dissertation: Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling and Fair Allocations


50 in Mathematics


200 in Mathematics

101 in Applied & Computational Mathematical Sciences

149 Minor in Mathematics

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