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Lilia Chebbi among Husky 100

Submitted by Rose Choi on April 20, 2023 - 6:09pm
Lilia Chebbi

UW Math undergrad, Lilia Chebbi, is among the Husky 100, an honor given to 100 undergraduate and graduate students from all three UW campuses who are actively involved in applying what they learn to make a difference on campus, as well as, in their communities. Speaking on her experience at UW, Chebbi says "Throughout my time at the UW, I combined mathematical and technical studies with Interdisciplinary Honors to fulfill my curiosity and prepare for my future career and studies. My experiences in teaching, research, and internships inspired me to learn, lead, and see the diverse problems society faces today from many perspectives. In the future, I wish to enter the tech world and promote fair and ethical AI, as well as an inclusive and accessible field."