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PhD Advanced Data Science Option

Updated on March 7, 2022

PhD students who wish to participate in the Advanced Data Science Option must meet the following requirements, in addition to the requirements for the PhD:

Additional Requirements

  • Pass three of the following four courses:
    • Either STAT 509: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, or for a more advanced approach, STAT 512: Statistical Inference. In the second case, students should consider also taking STAT 513, the next course in this sequence.
    • CSE 546/STAT 535: Foundational Machine Learning
    • CSE 544: Data Management
    • CSE 512: Data Visualization
  • Students must register for four quarters in the weekly UW Data Science Seminar, also known as CHEM E 599.

Recommended Study

It is recommended that students take a graduate-level course in linear algebra.

Declaring This Option

Talk with your advisor and then email stating your intent to pursue this option.