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Recommended Programs of Study

If you are interested in PhD research in any of the following areas, please consult with the listed faculty members for their advice about recommended programs of study.

Algebraic Geometry
Jarod Alper, Sándor Kovács, Max Lieblich
Algebraic Topology
Ethan Devinatz, John Palmieri
Sara Billey, Chris Hoffman, Monty McGovern, Isabella Novik
Complex Analysis
Don Marshall, Steffen Rohde
Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations
Jack Lee, James Morrow, Dan Pollack, Hart Smith, John Sylvester, Tatiana Toro, Gunther Uhlmann, Yu Yuan
Noncommutative Algebra
S. Paul Smith, James Zhang
Non-Smooth Analysis
Don Marshall (Complex Analysis), Steffen Rohde (Complex Analysis & Probability), Tatiana Toro (Geometric Measure Theory)
Number Theory
Neal Koblitz, Bianca Viray
Numerical Analysis
Ken Bube
Jim Burke, Dima Drusvyatskiy, Thomas Rothvoss, Rekha Thomas
Chris Burdzy, Zhen-Qing Chen, Chris Hoffman, Soumik Pal, Steffen Rohde
Representation Theory
David Collingwood, Monty McGovern, Julia Pevtsova, S. Paul Smith