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Transferring to the PhD Program

A graduate student in the Mathematics MS or MA program may apply during the spring of the student's first year to transfer into the PhD program. The procedure is as follows.

No later than the end of the second week of spring quarter, submit the following to the Student Services Office, Padelford C36:

  • A completed Application for Transfer to the PhD Program;
  • A statement of Educational and Professional Objectives;
  • Three letters of recommendation from faculty members in the UW Mathematics Department.

Two of the letters of recommendation must be from instructors of mathematics courses taken for graded graduate credit at UW. The third letter, if possible, should be from the instructor of a mathematics course for which you were employed as a Teaching Assistant; if you have not been a Teaching Assistant at UW, all three letters should be from course instructors.

Application and recommendation forms can be obtained in the Student Services Office. It is not necessary to submit transcripts or to pay an application fee.

During spring quarter, the Graduate Program Committee will review the application, recommendations, and the student's course performance. Students with a sufficiently strong academic record in Autumn and Winter quarter of their first year in the Master's program will be offered admission to the PhD program. In most cases, they will also be offered 5-year renewable Teaching Assistantships beginning the following autumn quarter. In some cases, the Graduate Program Committee may postpone a final decision until Spring Quarter of the student's second year.

For students who are allowed to transfer from the Master's to the PhD program, the second year following admission to the Master's program will be counted as the first year in the PhD program for purposes of normal progress for PhD students.