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Grad Student Travel Reimbursement Procedures

NOTE: All official international student travel MUST BE REGISTERED through UW Global Travel Security. If UW is involved in travel in any way (funding, salary, credits, support, sponsorship etc.) it is ‘official travel’.

After you have received funding approval for your travel reimbursement (from either the department through Grad Program Director Isabella Novik via this request gateway [], or funds your adviser may provide), this final reimbursement intake form should be completed and turned in along with any required receipts to Pam Kelley Elend ( in the main office for processing. If possible, include any emailed files in non-zipped form.

Receipts and intake form should be submitted no later than 85 days after the end of your travel.

Required Receipts: 

Receipts are required, regardless of amount, for all airfare, rail, lodging, car rental, supplies required for business (purchased during travel) or immunization costs.

  • Airfare receipt must show flight class, itinerary, and cost. UW will only reimburse economy/coach fares.
  • Lodging receipts must be an itemized "folio" receipt, including lodging name, check in/out dates, and daily rate.
  • Rail receipts must include company name, travel dates(s), class, and cost.
  • Car rentals must include rental company, dates, and cost. The UW cannot reimburse supplemental insurance.
  • For any travel purchase paid in currency other than USD, include dates/cost.
Note also that any airfare being paid for by a faculty member's federal grant MUST be booked on or have a flight codeshare with a U.S. carrier or a European Union carrier. (Non-federal funding does not have this requirement.)

See the Department Travel Policy linked at the top of the Department Reimbursement page for more details.