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A list of staff members to contact for the type of reimbursement you are seeking.

Reimbursement Type Staff Contact
Travel Reimbursements - UW travelers only (Math faculty/grad students) Pam Kelley Elend
Travel Reimbursements - Non-UW travelers Mike Munz
Non-travel reimbursements (purchases of books, etc.) Mike Munz
Requests for purchases with departmental credit card (non-travel) Rose Choi (primary)
Mike Munz (back-up)
Seattle-area hotel reservations for supported visitors (to be paid via CTA directly to the hotel by the department) Mike Munz (primary)
Rose Choi (back-up)

Other Tasks (non-exhaustive list)

Reimbursement Type Staff Contact
Office space requests for visitors Mike Munz (primary)
Rose Choi (back-up)
Picking up office keys (if locked out or for visitors who have been assigned an office) Rose Choi
Pam Kelley Elend
Grants, grant proposals, grant budget reconciliation Pam Kelley Elend