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Faculty Meeting (Morning)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Padelford C-36


  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair's Remarks
  3. Announcements
    • Putnam/Outreach – Julia Pevtsova
  4. Committee Reports
  5. New Business
  6. Executive Session
  7. Adjournment


The regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Mathematics was held in C-36 Padelford Hall at 11:00am, September 24, 2019. John Palmieri, Chair, presided at the meeting. Rose Choi was recording secretary.

The meeting began with approval of the previous meeting’s minutes.

Chair's Remarks

Professor Palmieri introduced the new members of the faculty:

  • Farbod Shokrieh is our newly hired Assistant Professor. He joins us most recently from the University of Copenhagen where he held a postdoc. Prior to that, he spent three years as a postdoc then two as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Cornell. His research interests overlap several areas: combinatorics, algebraic geometry, number theory, theoretical computer science, and electrical engineering.
  • Natalie Naehrig and Elena Pezzoli will be both be transitioning from Part-Time to Full-Time Lecturers as of this Fall.
  • Charles Camacho from Oregon State University will be joining us as a new Part-Time Lecturer.
  • We have four new Postdoctoral scholars plus one returning:
    • Jake Levinson returns to the department after having spent the last year at Google AI. He will be working with Sara Billey and Jarod Alper.
    • Arunima Bhattacharya joins us from the University of Oregon. She will be working with Yu Yuan.
    • Joshua Rosenberg spent the last year as a Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholar at Tel Aviv University. He received his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and will be serving as the new NSF postdoc working with Chris Hoffman and the Probability group.
    • Melanie Graf will be joining us in October. She recently held a postdoc at the University of Vienna where she also received her PhD. She will be working with Dan Pollack.
    • Minseon Shin will be joining us in December as he completes his postdoc at the Max Planck Institute. He received his PhD at Berkeley and will be working with Max Lieblich.

In addition, graduate student Nico Courts has taken on the role of Graduate Student Representative for this year.

Upcoming dates of note:

  • The annual department dinner is still being scheduled. New venues are being considered so please send suggestions along to Rose or John.
  • The dates have not yet been set for the Milliman Lectures to be given by Emmanuel Candès. An announcement will be made once more details become available.
  • MathAcrossCampus has two-out-of-three talks scheduled with the first talk on October 18th by Joseph Teran of UCLA. Jean-Luc Thiffeault from the University of Wisconsin is also scheduled to speak on May 15, 2020.

The Provost has approved three tenure-track hires for this year.  Please send suggestions to the Appointments Chair, Selim Tuncel.


Professor Pevtsova is looking for volunteers to join the Putnam Club. MATH 342 (formerly 380) is geared towards the art of problem solving which helps prepare students for the Putnam Competition. She encourages those who teach upper level classes or 400-level courses to consider joining the club. In addition, she is looking for a regular instructor to join in teaching MATH 342. Graduate students in particular are encouraged to apply.

The Monthly Math Hour at UW is in need of speakers for the spring. These talks are geared towards middle- and junior high-school students. Please send her your suggestions or volunteer to speak.

Committee Reports

No new committee reports


There being no new business, the meeting passed into executive session at 11:12am.

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