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Stochastic domination in determinantal point processes

Raghavendra Tripathi, UW
Monday, March 2, 2020 - 2:30pm
Denny 110
The study of determinantal processes began with Machhi's (1975) work on `fermionic processes'. Determinantal processes have a rich algebraic structure, which is probably the reason why they are so ubiquitous. In particular, these processes have been studied in great detail in the context of random matrix theory and last passage percolation. 
In this talk, we describe two results on the stochastic domination of determinantal measures. The first result was obtained by Lyons in 2003 in the discrete setting. We will also describe an application of Lyons's theorem to the last passage time in the last passage percolation with the i.i.d. exponential weights to obtain a result of R. Basu and S. Ganguly (2019). 
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