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Roman Bezrukavnikov from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friday, April 18, 2014 - 2:30pm
Loew Hall 101

Characters of finite Chevalley groups and categorification

Roman Bezrukavnikov from Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Representation theory of finite groups seeks to understand functions on the group known as irreducible characters. A group like GL(n,F_q), the group of invertible square matrices with entries in a finite field F_q, originates in algebraic geometry, thus its irreducible characters should also be understood via algebraic geometry. A magnificent realization of that idea is provided by the theory of character sheaves created by Lusztig in 1980's. I will explain how a systematic use of categorification allows to make some results of this theory including classification of character sheaves more transparent. The talk is based on a joint with with M. Finkelberg and V. Ostrik and a work in progress with D. Kazhdan and Y. Varshavsky.

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