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Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 11:00am to 11:30am
PDL C-38 & Zoom


  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair's Remarks
  3. Announcements
  4. Committee Reports
  5. New Business
  6. Executive Session
  7. Adjournment


The regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Mathematics was held in-person in C-36 Padelford Hall and virtually via Zoom at 11:00am PST, September 28, 2021. John Palmieri, Chair, presided at the meeting. Rose Choi was recording secretary.

The meeting began with approval of the previous meeting’s minutes.

Chair's Remarks

PDL C-38, PDL C-401, and the conference room have been equipped with new virtual meeting features. If you need guidance on its usage, please contact the Math IT team.

Electronic air purifiers will be set up in PDL C-38, PDL C-401, the MSC, and the department lounge. To help facilitate the flow of air in these rooms, all windows will remain open, if possible, so please dress accordingly.

In-person classes will resume tomorrow and there is bound to be a degree of adjustment by all to the new regulations and social challenges this entails. Please be mindful and patient when navigating these issues with students and cohort.

If possible, please try to inspect your classrooms beforehand so as to address any unpleasant surprises in advance of your first session.

The Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S) has a detailed FAQ page to serve as a guide while navigating a return to teaching and on-site work in the midst of this pandemic. Please familiarize yourselves with their guidelines and refer to them when managing emergencies.

The department has been approved for two tenure-track positions and one open rank position for next year. The open rank position is designated for topology or geometry. Professor Novik is the chair of the appointments committee this year. Please reach out to colleagues to share this news and encourage potential candidates to apply. We will also be hiring postdocs this year. The number of postdoc hires will be determined soon.

Professor Palmieri introduced the department’s newest faculty members. Among the tenure-track faculty are Ricky Liu and Cynthia Vinzant. Among the postdoctoral scholars are Sheela Devadas (working with Max Lieblich), Lijun Ding (working with Dima Drusvyatskiy), Timothy Duff (working with Rekha Thomas), Andrea Ottolini (working with Soumik Pal), Hadrian Quan (working with Alexis Drouot), and Xueying Yu (working with Bobby Wilson). Dylan Chow is a new part-time lecturer and Jeffrey Case is a visiting faculty member from Penn State (he will be arriving later in the quarter to work with Jack Lee). We have a new Graduate Student Representative, Stark Ledbetter, who sits on the Graduate Program committee and serves as a conduit between the students and faculty. She will also be organizing the student events, such as the graduate picnic at 5pm today at Fritz Hedges Waterway Park (near Agua Verde café). Ethan Devinatz is stepping down as the undergraduate program coordinator. We thank him for all of his years of service and welcome Jenni Taggart as the new UPC. Soumik Pal is taking over as the new ACMS director. Sara Billey (graduate admissions director), Max Lieblich (graduate program director), and Rekha Thomas (associate chair) will continue in their current roles.


There being no new business, the meeting passed into executive session at 11:19am.

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