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Gradeless: Grade Less; Teach More

Ileanu Vasu, Holyoke Community College
Friday, June 3, 2022 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
PDL C-38 and on Zoom (

Mathematics educators have been addressing not only the inadequacy but also the negative impact of grades on student learning. For example, in many classes with traditional grading systems, many students tend to focus on letter and number grades which often distracts from the actual learning. Students may even be assigned grades that are not indicative of their learning. Some students are able to perform well on exams and on homework because of their familiarity with the way these assessments work. Other students may be penalized for the way they express their answers, or for a variety of reasons. In this interactive and workshop style seminar, you are invited to reflect a more flexible stance toward grading through an alternate assessment known as UNgrading. The UNgrading approach decenters the faculty and allows students to focus on their learning.  While Students in Ungraded courses do receive a final grade,  individual assignments are not graded with numbers or percentages, but rather asking students questions and making comments that engage their work rather than simply evaluate it.  The presenter will share her own personal experience with UNgrading in several courses as well as student feedback. Participants are encouraged to bring questions and a syllabus for a course that they may be interested in trying UNgrading in.

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