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A Pattern Avoidance Criteria for Smoothness of Positroid Varieties Via Decorated Permutations, Spirographs, and Johnson Graphs 

Jordan Weaver, University of Washington
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
PDL C-38 and via Zoom Link:
Jordan Weaver
Jordan Weaver


Positroids are certain representable matroids originally studied by Postnikov in connection with the totally nonnegative Grassmannian and now used widely in algebraic combinatorics. The positroids give rise to determinantal equations defining positroid varieties as subvarieties of the Grassmannian variety. Rietsch, Knutson-Lam-Speyer, and Pawlowski studied geometric and cohomological properties of these varieties. In this paper, we continue the study of the geometric properties of positroid varieties by establishing several equivalent conditions characterizing smooth positroid varieties using a variation of pattern avoidance defined on decorated permutations, which are in bijection with positroids. This allows us to give two formulas for counting the number of smooth positroids along with two \$q\$-analogs. We include enumerative results due to Christian Krattenhaler which follow from these formulas. Furthermore, we give a combinatorial method for determining the dimension of the tangent space of a positroid variety at key points using an induced subgraph of the Johnson graph. We also give a Bruhat interval characterization of positroids.

Special note: This talk begins at 4:30. There will be no pre-seminar.

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