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Asymptotics near extinction for nonlinear fast diffusion on a bounded domain

Robert McCann (U. Toronto)
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
PDL C-38
On a smooth bounded Euclidean domain, Sobolev-subcritical fast diffusion with vanishing boundary trace is known to lead to finite-time extinction, with a vanishing profile selected by the initial datum. In rescaled variables, we quantify the rate of convergence to this profile uniformly in relative error, showing the rate is either exponentially fast (with a rate constant predicted by the spectral gap), or algebraically slow (which is only possible in the presence of non-integrable zero modes). In the first case, the nonlinear dynamics are well-approximated by exponentially decaying eigenmodes up to at least twice the gap; this refines and confirms a 1980 conjecture of Berryman and Holland. We also improve on more recent results, by providing a new and simpler approach which is able to accommodate the presence of zero modes, such as those that occur when the vanishing profile fails to be isolated (and possibly belongs to a continuum of such profiles).

Based on work with Beomjun Choi (Postech) and Christian Seis (M\"unster) [80] 

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