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The local-global conjecture for Apollonian circle packings is false

Katherine E. Stange (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Friday, December 1, 2023 - 3:30pm
ECE 125
Katherine E. Stange
Primitive integral Apollonian circle packings are fractal arrangements of tangent circles with integer curvatures.  The curvatures form an orbit of a 'thin group,' a subgroup of an arithmetic group having infinite index in its Zariski closure.  The curvatures that appear must fall into one of six or eight residue classes modulo 24. The twenty-year old local-global conjecture states that every sufficiently large integer in one of these residue classes will appear as a curvature in the packing. We prove that this conjecture is false for many packings, by proving that certain quadratic and quartic families are missed. The new obstructions are a property of the thin Apollonian group (and not its Zariski closure), and are a result of quadratic and quartic reciprocity, reminiscent of a Brauer-Manin obstruction. Based on computational evidence, we formulate a new conjecture.  This is joint work with Summer Haag, Clyde Kertzer, and James Rickards.  Time permitting, I will discuss some new results, joint with Rickards, that extend these phenomena to certain settings in the study of continued fractions.

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