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Math 381 Service Learning Poster Session

Students in Math 381
Wednesday, May 29, 2024 - 10:30am to 12:30pm
NAN Building Commons, 1st floor
Nanoengineering Building, UW Seattle Campus - Google Map
Poster Session Handout
Poster Session Handout

The students in Math 381 = Discrete Math Modeling this spring have been tackling problems with community partners around UW, in Seattle, and this year in Slovenia and China.   We have 70 students doing 15 service-learning projects about a wide variety of issues faced by small businesses, clubs on campus, and some local non-profits.  We'd like to invite you to join us for a celebration of their hard work and to share in the learning experience.  

Section A teams:

Cargo Packing for Shipping Containers.
Everett Hirano, Logan Hosoda, Cade Tanaka, Haoran Xiang.

Optimizing Food Delivery Routes for U-District Food Bank.
CC Ahrens, Cin Ahrens, Nelson Athow, Aaron Lee, Linsey Schneider

Tabletop Village Scheduling
Mila Bojanic, Lindsy Marroquin, Tina Song, Kasten Welsh

Seating Zones and Pricing Strategies for Meany Hall
Charles Chen, Wei Fang, Rongrong Le, Chris Lu, Hanyang Yu

Optimizing Set Designs for Indian Folk Dance Team
Sashiv Bhatia, Mark Egbert, Benjamin Zhou

Saving Murphy’s Pub
Lucas Cho, Jonathan Della Santina, Javier Garcia, Theo Holmes, Bernie Liu, Vlad Radostev

Optimal Staffing at Center Table
Xuchen Chen, Zihao Liu, Weichen Sun, Richard Wang, Ziwei Wang

The Forgotten Refrigerator at District Market Alder
Zihan Chen, Xiaoke Huang, Jiapeng Ni, Young Z

Section B teams:

Linear Programming to Route Telecommunications Networks
Bhavana Honavalli, Riya Kulkarni, Nina Mislej, Skyelar Reed, Marcus Yim

Scheduling Physical Exercises for Optimized Training Outcome
Junbo Huang, David Miller, Chingya Ni, Yixuan Wang, Weifan Wu, Yusong Yan

Combating Loss of News Viewership through Live Sports Ads
Claire Atkinson, Aryana Bhattacharyya, Flora Chen, Sehaj Dhillon, Julien Johnson, Julia Russell

Routes for Restaurant2Garden
Joeph Rafael, Arnav Srinivasan, Nathan Chen, Sammy Giang

Strategic Placement of Fire Department Resources
Prince Wang

Optimization of Composting Information
Minh Phan, Jason Liu, Sitong Cheng, Zeyin Feng, Chenyang Yuan, Jayden Edara

Scheduling CLUE Math Tutors
Liam Chu, Dianna E, Tyler Franck, Sarah Mathison, Pujan Patel


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