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MATH 395 A: Probability II

Meeting Time: 
MWF 9:30am - 10:20am
LOW 105
Joint Sections: 
STAT 395 A
Elizabeth Thompson

Syllabus Description:

Welcome to the MATH/STAT 395A syllabus page.

MATH/STAT 395 is the second course of the core 300-level Introduction to Probability sequence.   It is assumed that all students have successfully completed MATH/STAT 394.

The course sequence serves primarily MATH, STAT and ACMS majors.   Space permitting, qualified Statistics minors will be admitted.

Other qualified students who are interested may request entry.  Interested students may email me at  -- please use or provide your UW email ID. I will not respond to unidentifiable gmail or other addresses.

 MATH/STAT 395 basically covers much (but not all) of Chapters 5-8 of the course text (Ross)  plus section 9.1 (but not in that order). The class schedule and class notes and homeworks define the detailed syllabus.

Added note re overloads (Jan 3):  Two or three overload slots may become available.  These will be offered in the order of requests received.  Please be aware that that the earliest previously denied requests were already made mid-December.


Catalog Description: 
Random variables; expectation and variance; laws of large numbers; normal approximation and other limit theorems; multidimensional distributions and transformations. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in STAT/MATH 394. Offered: jointly with STAT 395; WSpS.
GE Requirements: 
Natural World (NW)
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